“Everything you need you already have inside you.”

That is what I strongly believe. You are unique and you have the power to become who you want to be and to be successful in life; in the way you want to be successful. Imagen that you are able to feel this power and to put it into action. It would give you freedom and it makes you more effective and happier. I help you to create your freedom from where you can determine your direction to a meaningful life.

“Human freedom involves our capacity to pause between the stimulus and response and, in that pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight. The capacity to create ourselves, based upon this freedom, is inseparable from consciousness or self-awareness.” (Unknown)

People struggle these days to get through life. Even well-educated, highly paid ones. This can be on personal or professional level or both. They are not experiencing freedom. It is a challenge to find strength and peace in our complex, turbulent and rapidly changing world. Increasing pressure to perform better with fewer resources and uncertain and complex relationships ensure constant tension. It is often survival rather than life.

The goal of our coaching sessions is to help you to find the power so you will be able to take that pause, to make your choice and to become free. You will become the priority in your life.

The process

We offer online coaching and retreat weeks at our Phazama Farm in Botswana including online follow-up sessions.

Both of the coaching programs start with tracking down what you want to achieve, if I can help you and if you are comfortable to do the coaching process with me. I will determine first what you want to achieve. If there are more problems, issues, improvements etc. we choose the one that is the most important for you. During the process we address maybe the other ones, but we focus on one specific goal. In our experience by solving the most important issue most other issues will often be solved as well.

The coaching process provides a safe place to explore ideas and problems, find solutions and formulate realistic implementation strategies. I support you to actually put what has been discussed into practice. Through the coaching sessions, you find out what is important to you, you organize your thoughts, feelings, words and actions so that you are heading in the same direction again. You will be confronted with your own behavior, stimulated and challenged.

Be aware, you are at work and I support. It is your responsibility to achieve the wished result of the coaching.

Why coaching?

Coaching is a form of personal guidance where you work together with a coach on a personal goal or problem. Coaching helps you to become more self-aware and to bring out the best in yourself. However, in today’s society we often do not take the time to reflect on ourselves.

Through coaching sessions, you find out what is important for you, how to organize your thoughts, feelings, words and actions so that they are heading in the same direction again.

The point is that you know what you want to achieve, whether private or in business, where the coach helps you and guides you in achieving your goals so that you lead a life that is arranged the way you want. A life based on your personal values, where the choices you make are consistent, aware and effective. A life that gives you balance, but also pleasure, intimacy, energy, financial independence, focus and action in every area of ​​your life.

Almost everyone would benefit from a coach. Not because everyone has (psychological) problems, but because there is almost always something to improve in life. And there is nothing wrong with that.

We all sometimes face a difficult choice or do not know what the next step is. How we can change, improve or improve something about ourselves or our lives. A coach can help with that. A coach can sometimes see it just a little more objectively and show you patterns that you do not (yet) see yourself.

A coach makes you aware of your routines and helps you to break through them, so that the desired change can take place. Making choices becomes easier if you find out with a coach what is really important to you. A coach can also make you aware of your core values ​​and can show you how you use them to make decisions

The coach is not going to achieve your goals for you but can help you determine and achieve your goals yourself. If those goals are not (yet) achievable, the coach can also help you to change your attitude to that goal, so that you can deal with it better. A personal coach is therefore not much different than a sports coach.

Why me?

I am an experienced coach and I will support you to become more effective in your life, I will help you to become more self-aware and to bring out the best in yourself. I do this by listening with attention and without judgments and giving back what I perceive by using my knowledge, hart and intuition. I am your partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

I am trained and certified by the Extra Mile Academy [EMA] for training and coaching. EMA is accredited by the European Coaching Association (ECA) and affiliated with the BSL Business School Lausanne, Switzerland.


There doesn't always have to be a problem to improve your life. Coaching can also help you to make your life even better or to change a small part of your life that you are less satisfied with. This is where online coaching offers a perfect solution. It can be done everywhere, anytime as long there is a Wi-Fi connection.


How further? What’s next? You have a well-filled ‘backpack' and achieved what you want to achieve. And now? Or do you look back to your life so far and it is not at all what you expected how it should be? Both are serious issues that you have to look at during a break at our beautiful Phazama Farm in Botswana.

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