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Blog #9 How does your freedom looks like?

I ask you this question because I don’t know how your freedom looks like. Freedom is different for everyone. In the Netherlands I experience an enormous freedom when I quit my job and start as a self-employed person. How great it is to decide what I do and at what price … literally and figuratively.

But, I have experienced an infinite freedom since I live in Botswana. Freedom for me is equal to living in nature. Yesterday, I came home after a day in the city of Maun. The moment I come to our “bush house”, the sun almost sets. Everything has a red golden glow. At that moment a stream of happiness, gratitude and joy flows through me. I call this my moments of happiness. I can also have this feeling when I’m in the shower and look out through the mosquito cloth and see squirrels running through the trees, or through the little owl flying in front of me, or through the full moon rising, or in the morning as my husband Peter and I remove the memory card from the night camera to see which animals were visiting last night … and I can continue for a while.

I write this blog in a lodge in the Khwai Nature Reserve. I have been invited to give a financial leadership training to the employees of this safari camp tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I am now sitting by the campfire that is cracking and is nice and warm, oil lamps are burning, next to me stands a delicious glass of red wine, I can hear the elephants across the water, impalas and geese are shouting warning cries, crickets chirping and hippos in the distance make their special sound. Soon I will get good food and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will do what makes me most happy … to learn people something that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

You just don’t feel free just like that. We are born completely free, but very quickly it is unintentionally and often unconsciously disturbed. Because of this you end up in a pattern and a structure of dependence. In my life I have already broken that structure by traveling with my backpack two times for a year through South America, living in Peru for half a year and making beautiful long journeys. But, it always comes to an end when I come back to my system after returning home. Sometimes such a system is nice because it is known and seemingly certain. But unfortunately I have learned and experienced that nothing is certain in life and it may sound like a cliché … you have to enjoy life and get the best out of it every day because before you know it, it will be over. And I started to do that, together with my husband Peter. I am happy, I create my future the way I want it, where I want to be with the sweetest person in the world.

What about you? Do you also have those happy moments several times a day, are you together with the sweetest person in the world, are your doing the work that makes you happy and gives you satisfaction, do you live in the place where you are happy? Maybe you answer one or more questions with a no. Would you like this too? I know that it is possible and would like to help you together with Peter by inspiring you or you can come and learn it during our MasterClassMasterClass Personal Leadership on 17 or 18 September in Haarzuilens in the heart of the Netherlands.