“To stand in the fire of your deepest fears in passionate pursuit of your highest dreams is to rise to the realm the legends.”

Robin Sharma

More and more our health, economic and educational systems are trapping us instead of supporting us. And in this process, we lose our most important connections – especially with ourselves, others and nature. No wonder we see more and more people waking up with a desire to change. A wish to be alive and taking a step towards designing and leading a life worth living.
We also had those desires and one thing we knew for sure, the life we were living back then wasn’t what we wanted. And so our ‘safari’ started and is still going on.

Our Leadership Safari is inspired by success stories from many inspirational people and by our own journey of exploring, discovering, experiencing, finding and living our purpose.

We call this program the Leadership Safari. The word Safari comes from Swahili and means long journey. During this safari you will explore and discover what it is to be the writer of your successful life story. Be prepared because the journey will not end after this safari, it is just the beginning.

The Leadership Safari starts online in your home country. Part of your safari will bring you to Botswana, the land of wildlife, bushmen and pristine nature; ‘safari land’ and will be followed by an implementation program. During the whole program we will be there to guide you and keep you on track.

You are not going alone on this safari, other likeminded people will travel with you. Although each has her/his own success story to write, you are together, and you can support and learn from each other.

Visualize yourself being completely in the lead of your life and then see everything what you can achieve with your unlimited potential. Believe it, join the Leadership Safari and you will see it happen!

Is this you?

The Leadership Safari is for you if you when:

  • you have achieved in your career what you wanted
  • you have sold your company and you are looking for something new in your life
  • you are doing what you want but you still have that feeling that you can make more of it
  • you are doing quite well but there is that voice or feeling telling you that this is not what you should do
  • you feel in every cell of your body that your current life has to change

But you don’t know how!

It is for you if you like to be in a group to develop yourself together with others, to learn from and to support each other. And you are willing to invest in yourself and you commit to a six-month program of exploring, discovering and transforming the most important person in your life: YOU.


This six-month program has a holistic approach. The combination of lecturing, sharing experiences, nature and learning more about yourself will inspire you to write your successful life story. The program is a combination of online sessions and a twelve night stay at our Phazama farm in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Although you are in a group, there are also moments when you will be on your own.

This is the safari you are going to make in a six-month period:

1] The intake

There is an online intake before you commit to the program. Through the intake we will find out together if the program is what you are looking for, if we are the right partners you are looking for and we will have to find out if we can help you. If there is a yes from both sites, your can start your safari.

2] The preparation

Meet your fellow travelers and prepare for your stay in Botswana. We will organize four online sessions to get the right mindset to achieve your goals. From the first contact with us your safari starts, even from your home.

3] Your stay in Botswana

A change of scenery is one of the most important elements of change and self-exploration. It is where all your senses are getting to work again. You will discover what happens to you If you are out of your routines and the ordinary. You disconnect from the world you and you will be reconnected to yourself and nature.You are in a group of people on the same mission. You are between wildlife in the middle of nature finding answers at unexpected places and moments.

4] The implementation

You will come back home with a backpack full of insights, ideas, questions, inspiration and the start of a story. It is time to put it all into action. We believe that this is the most important period, to keep the momentum because you are back home and maybe you will be easily distracted by the daily routines again. But, we will keep you on track on an individual base with coaching and with the help of a mastermind group and progress meetings.

5] Goodbye and your story continues

You are now on your own feet. As it is life, you will always be creating, experiencing, changing, but you are now living YOUR desired story.  And of course we will keep in touch!



  • feel empowered, inspired, and motivated to achieve your ambitions
  • play your game on the highest level
  • know your full potential
  • have a clear vision on your life and you are in the lead again
  • are connected again, with yourself, with nature and with your environment
  • switched your autopilot off
  • increased your (self-)awareness about who you are and what you want

practical information


This workshop will be conducted by Peter Henssen, Katja Visser, Mother Nature and sometimes a local guide how knows the bush better than we do. Read more about us.


Part of the program is online and you will stay for a period of twelve nights at our Phazama Farm on the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

As nature is an important teacher in our program, it will take place in an open area (if weather conditions allow). We have a beautiful training space overlooking the floodplain. Next to this we will also leave the farm to do some walking trails, sleeping under the stars and looking if the big five is willing to show herself.


The duration of the program is six months. The next program starts in October 2022, and you will stay at our farm in November 2022. The program will end in April 2023.


Maximum of eight people and a minimum of five. We want to keep it exclusive and give you our full dedication.


€ 9870 (VAT 0%) per person

Costs include:

– All Materials

– Food and beverages

– Stay at the farm in a bush house

– Transport from Maun to the farm and vice versa

Costs exclude:

– Return flight to Maun

– Personal travel and cancellation insurance

– Tips (for driver, guide)

– Personal expenses

More information?

If you wish to receive more information please fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!