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Phazama Farm in Botswana

Phazama Farm

Your classroom in Botswana

Phazama Farm is located in Tsutsubega on one of the edges of the Okavango Delta on the Kiri River in the middle of a beautiful complex of tree-lined islands surrounded by floodplains. Tsutsubega is a San name that means “Place of the Emerald Spotted Dove”, a small pigeon that is abundant here.

The Okavanga Delta consists of a lush maze of shallow canals and low-lying islands. The delta covers more than 4,000 square kilometres and is one of the world’s largest inland deltas and one of Africa’s largest nature reserves.

Tsutsubega is an area of ​​approximately ten square kilometres and is a small community of approximately 150 people. In and around our farm you can find a variety of wildlife such as kudu, duiker, giraffe, elephant, vervet monkeys, ostriches and numerous birds. Our farm is surrounded by shallow water (depending on the season) where elephants pass by, beautiful birds fly around and there are fantastic, ancient trees.

For the training we set up a fully equipped tent camp on our farm. You sleep in a safari tent with a bed, private shower and toilet. Our chef cooks for you and makes sure you don’t miss out so that you can completely focus on yourself, the training and the beauty that nature offers you.

Phazama means surprise and wonder in the local language, Setswana. And wonder is what we offer. Be surprised by what the nature in Botswana brings you and wonder about your opportunities.

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