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Communication Leadership

Welcome to the Leadership2Impact Academy


Hello, thank you for visiting us! We, Peter Henssen and Katja Visser, give MasterClasses who contribute to your self-leadership and your personal freedom. In all our training courses we challenge you on intellect, intuition and interaction. We teach, inspire and support you to be able to be yourself anytime, anywhere and that you know at all time how to use the right combination of your talents, qualities and communication.

Why a Training Communication Leadership?

You are unique. As a unique individual you communicate a lot on a daily basis. And everybody has their own way of communicating to the other person. Most of the misunderstandings in communication come not from WHAT you say, but HOW you say it. What you say doesn’t always align with what you mean. Our communication habits often don’t reflect our dynamic thoughts and emotions and/or giving others the wrong impression of what you want to communicate. These habits affect the way others perceive and respond to you during interactions.

As a unique person you also have a unique communication style. Many people are unaware of the existence of communication styles and don’t know their own preferred style, or that of the people around them. Through communication styles we all interact and exchange information with others.

Understanding the different communication styles can radically improve the quality of your relationships. Because, when you know the communication styles you have the power to build meaningful connections and cooperation which are crucial aspects of success in any area of your life.

Join our one-day training and you will be more effective in communication and you are able to build better relationships. It is key for improving your personal and professional life!

This training is for you if…

you are working on developing stronger (self-) leadership characteristics and you with to communicate better because it plays a key role in shaping a positive culture at home and within your office, classroom, and community.

Much of your successes depend on your relationship and the connection with others. If you experience difficulty in delivering your message to others or when you feel insecure when speaking out, this training is also for you.

If you want a career in a management position or you already are in a management position, communication leadership is a must. One of the successes of a manager is to know how to bring a message!

What to expect!

The training is an active and powerful day. You will learn to communicate differently, more consciously and more powerfully so you achieve results faster. After the MasterClass your effectiveness and pleasure in your personal and professional life will hugely increase.

What will you learn?

-You know your own communication style
-You are aware of the different communication styles
-You can recognize and discover the communication styles others use
-You are able to communicate in the style of the other person.
-You can anticipate to other styles.
-You are able to manage expectations in an effective way.
-You are able to give feedback and receive feedback in a productive way.
-You are able to manage disappointment of the other person.

What will be the result of the training?

-You are more effective in your communication
-Collaborating becomes more exciting and it delivers better results
-Relationships with clients and colleagues change in a positive way
-Relationships with family and friends become more intense
-Your tolerance to other people will grow.
-You will have more excitement and fun with your kids

Who is your trainer?

Peter Henssen MBA

Peter HenssenI always thought that the way I communicated was perfect as I didn’t notice what the impact of my communication was on others. And, of course when something went wrong it was because they did not listen. When I started my personal leadership journey, one of the tools that crossed my path was ‘Communication Styles’. I followed a course about this subject and I was hooked directly. I finally understood what went wrong in my conservations, relations or jobs when it came to communication. This was life changing for me and something I had to share with others. So I became a trainer ‘communication styles’. The understanding of communication styles is so much more than only knowing how to speak, it  focuses on the much more important part, the non-verbal side of communication.

Practical information


New dates coming soon.


The training takes place at our Phazama Farm (Tsutsubega). Because nature is an important teacher in our training courses, they take place in an open area. We have a beautiful training space on our deck overlooking the floodplain.


09:00 am: Welcome with tea and coffee
09:30 am: Start of the training
12:30 pm: Lunch
16:30 pm: Closing


Special price: P 990 per person (vat 0%).


Costs include training materials, food and beverages. We expect your payment up front.

Cancellation policy:

– If canceled up to one week before the start of the training, 50% of the total amount will be charged.
-In case of cancellation within a week and on the day that the training takes place, the total amount will be charged.

How to get to the training location?

Our farm is situated next to the Tshilli Farm in Tsutsubega. It is a 40 minutes drive (4×4 needed) from Maun. We will give you directions but please let us know if you wish us to arrange transport for you (at little extra costs).

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    For companies: The training can also be organized for your staff and customized in order to your wishes.