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MasterClass Financial Leadership (Botswana)

Financial leadership

One-day MasterClass Financial Leadership for the staff of your company

Everyone in the world deserves a life without money stress and a chance to fulfill their dreams. To achieve this, we developed an interactive financial education program to positively influence financial attitudes and behavior and to increase financial illiteracy.

We believe that everybody is responsible for their money and the choices one makes concerning money issues. To manage your money you need personal and financial leadership skills.

For whom?

The training is designed for your staff to reduce requests for personal loans, advanced salary payments, etc.

What are you going to do during the one-day event?

We start in the morning with sessions about needs and wants and why saving is important. In the morning a change of mindset related to money will be created. After lunch the MasterClass will be more practical making personal saving plans and budgets.

The entire MasterClass is interactive.

Our MasterClass takes place with a select group of people. The groups are not bigger than 12 participants.

What can you expect after this MasterClass?

You get tools that help you to gain mastery over your life, so that you start living the way you want. You learn the principles that give you insight into your personal leadership and how you can get the best out of yourself. You get practical tools to get started right away.

-Participants can distinguish the difference between needs and wants and they can identify the basic needs in their lives.
-Participants know the different options for saving and are able to describe the benefits of the different savings methods.
-Participants can distinguish the difference between a goal and a dream, they can set their individual goals and take steps to achieve them.
-Participants can set priorities in their spending in relation to their personal priorities and they can set their savings goals and create a savings plan to achieve their goals.
-Participants understand the importance of spending money responsibly and can identify the relationship between saving and spending in relation to their personal and business life.
-Participants understand how saving on a regular basis helps them to achieve their saving goals and they realize that they can achieve something even by saving very little.
-Participants learn how to plan and are able to manage their personal budget.

Practical information


To be planned in consultation.


At your company, in a conference venue or at our training location at our Phazama Farm. MasterClasses out of Maun or in the delta are possible at extra costs for travel and stay.


8.00 a.m. Start of the MasterClass
13.00 Lunch
5.00 p.m. Closing


BWP 4000 per group of maximum 12 participants. Costs includematerial, exclude conference/workshop venue, transport, food and beverages for the participants and the trainer, translator (English-Setswana) if needed.

You can do much more than you think!

Are you curious? We are looking forward seeing you at the MasterClass.

Do you wish more information?

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What others think of this MasterClass:

Staff African Bush Camps:

-I liked it that the training was a sequence of activities. Normally I fall asleep during trainings but not this time.
-I liked it that there were no lectures and that we participated in activities the whole day.
-I am very happy because I finally know how to save and budget.
-I liked the professional presentation
-I am happy with all the achievements and insights of today.
-I liked the whole set-up of the training, how it was given and the interaction.
-The training was very well given. I found it very difficult to budget, but I have had a lot of insights today and now I am going to practice budgeting it in a different way.
-I am so happy that I find a remedy for my impulse purchases.
-I thought it was very special because you treated us as an equal, I will never forget what I learned and I liked all activities.
-I have not received my first salary yet and I could already participate in the training, I can make a good start with budgeting directly, I now know how to save and I liked the interaction, the fun and I have not been sleepy.