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MasterClass Personal Leadership

MasterClass Personal Leadership

MasterClass Personal Leadership

We teach and inspire you to create your personal freedom to be yourself anytime and anywhere and that you know how to use the right combination of your talents and qualities at any time.

Why should you come to our one-day MasterClass?

Personal freedom is one of the most important things to achieve maximum performance, under any circumstances. This is the freedom to act autonomously, to find out what is important to you and to actually do it. It is the freedom to be who you want to be and to do what you stand for. It takes leadership, personal leadership, and you already have that in you.

“The mistake of all centuries is that we are looking for the solution outside of ourselves. All nature however, shows us that things unfold from the inside out: flower from seed, fruit from tree, bird from egg, child from mother, form from energy … Circumstances do not come to us but from us.” (Charles Haanel, The Master Key System – 1912)

Everyone is born as a free person, but gradually from a young age on we seem to lose that freedom. It is taken away from us almost unnoticed. This starts with our education and continues by government systems, religion, education, social media, marriage, the organization we work for, etc. It becomes normal for us to be concerned with what others think of us and how they expect us to act. We are busy with how much we have in our bank account, how big our house is, what we have and how we can get even more.

But is this where life is about, what makes you really happy? An economical or the Corona crisis can turn your life upside down in just one day. You never know what is going to happen.

This is why it is essential that you take responsibility for your life. To have the freedom to do what you love to do, make your own choices, do were you good at and go for your goals.

So now, imagine that after a good night’s sleep you wake up and you can do what you want, and you know – whatever happens – that you can cope with every situation and that you are in control. That is the freedom and power you want.

For us, after the principles of personal leadership came on our path and we started applying them ourselves, we started to live more consciously and made choices that fit us as humans and how we want to live. This became possible again because we regained our true freedom, dared to choose for ourselves and followed our hearts.

It brings us a lot including living at one of the most beautiful places on this earth, at our Phazama Farm in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This is where we live and from here we work all over the world. We have been inspired by what is possible from personal freedom and we like to share that with as many others as possible.

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9.00 am: Welcome with coffee and tea
9.30 am: Start of the MasterClass
1:00 pm: Lunch
5 pm: Closing

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All programs we offer are designed to help you to be a successful, powerful and free person. Our unique approach ensures a lasting and positive impact in your life and in that of your environment.

What is personal leadership?

Personal leadership is that you can be yourself anytime, anywhere. You can think of it as making your own, favorite dish. You decide how big it will be, which ingredients you use, where you will eat it, who can join and what the atmosphere is. Great isn’t it?

A number of principles underlie personal leadership, all of which are discussed during the MasterClass:
– Taking responsibility for the choices you make
– The vision of your life
– The focus and priorities that go with it
– Reliable and meaningful relationships that help you
– Managing expectations
– Using each other’s power
– Staying fit
– Connection with nature, your natural state

This MasterClass is for you if …

you as a person and / or professional want to (re) discover what you can do to create your freedom to take control of your life and if you want to see what else is possible in your life, your relationships and your career.

What can you expect after you have followed this MasterClass?

– You know the principles of personal leadership to create your freedom so you can make independent, responsible and intuitive choices
– Your confidence and self-esteem got a boost.
– You know how and why you can create and maintain meaningful and reliable relationships.
– You are more efficient and productive by doing things as they naturally are, without being so busy.
– You are able to connect the different parts of your life. An important aspect of personal leadership is the ability to connect business and private and not to separate them.
– You get more free time, know how to make choices and you have more control. You learn to put the most important things first and make things happen.
– You learn to focus on your inner self, your intuition

What is the level?

It is a MasterClass that:
– is clear but not simplistic
– provides wisdom, but is not all-knowing
– ambitious but not out of reach
– insightful but not academic
– practical
We expect you to be open to looking critically and differently at yourself and to have the courage to apply what you have learned.

For companies: The MasterClass can also be organized for your staff and customized in order to your wishes.

You can do much more than you think!

Are you curious? We are looking forward seeing you at the MasterClass.

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