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Personal Leadership

MasterClass Personal Leadership

MasterClass Personal Leadership

In our Leadership2impact MasterClasses we teach you how you create freedom and how you add value to your life. You will develop your personal leadership skills as we believe that this is the key for creating freedom to lead the life you really want and find your purpose. In this life you are in charge and not the systems, your work or the people around you. This is the way how we do it and it is our mission to share our knowledge and experiences with you how you can do it as well.

Personal leadership is the key to create your freedom. Personal leadership is the self-confident ability to crystalize your thinking and establish an exact direction for your own life, to commit yourself to moving in that direction, and then to take determined action to acquire, accomplish, or become whatever you identify as the ultimate goal in your life.

Personal leadership is also the key for effective leadership. You cannot become a more effective leader of others without first becoming more effective at leading ourselves. You must better understand your personal role within the leadership process. By exploring ways to improve your personal leadership, you will build clarity and confidence to more successfully influence and lead others.

“The mistake of all centuries is that we are looking for the solution outside of ourselves. All nature however, shows us that things unfold from the inside out: flower from seed, fruit from tree, bird from egg, child from mother, form from energy … Circumstances do not come to us but from us.” (Charles Haanel, The Master Key System – 1912)

For whom?

– Managers who want to increase their leadership qualities.

– Future managers who want to learn the basics of leadership.

– Self-employed people who want to give themselves a boost.

– Professionals who want to give their career a boost or looking to do something different.

– Young professionals who are at the beginning of their career and want to make a successful start.

What are you going to do during the one-day event?

We start in the morning with the background of personal leadership and how it will help you with your personal development. We use our L2I model, which serves as a tool to help you with your growth. We teach you how it works and what the underlying principles are. We consider the most important principles that you as an individual have to manage.

After lunch we will work with the principles that enable you to create sustainable relationships. Your successes depend on the relationships that you build with others. We then discuss what you have to do to develop in a sustainable way and how you stay physically, mentally, socially and spiritually fit to keep on developing yourself.

The entire MasterClass is a mix of theory to understand, activities to experience and nature to relax and reflect.

Our MasterClasses take place in nature. Content, tranquillity and good care are the basic ingredients of the day and you are in a select group of people. The groups are not bigger than 15 participants.

What can you expect after this MasterClass?

You get tools that help you to gain mastery over your life, so that you start living the way you want. You learn the principles that give you insight into your personal leadership and how you can get the best out of yourself. You get practical tools to get started right away.

After the MasterClass:
– You are more efficient and productive
– You feel motivated and inspired
– You experience a life of joy and fulfillment
– You will have more time for yourself
– You will make your choices
– You are in control
– You get better results

Moreover, we will give you a challenge and we provide support. Of course, it is also a great opportunity to expand your network.

For companies: The MasterClass can also be organized for your staff and customized in order to your wishes.

You can do much more than you think!

Are you curious? We are looking forward seeing you at the MasterClass.

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