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Training Self-Leadership

Design your best life!

MasterClass Personal Leadership

Welcome to the Leadership2Impact Academy

Hello, thank you for visiting us! We, Peter Henssen and Katja Visser, give training courses in the field of self-leadership. In all our courses we challenge you on intellect, intuition and interaction. We teach and inspire you to create your personal freedom to be yourself anytime and anywhere and so you know at all times how to use the right combination of your talents and qualities.

Why a Training Self-Leadership?

If you live who you are, you naturally perform at your maximum, in all circumstances. It is naturally because you are using your talents, your aptitude, what you love to do and which has purpose for you, and maybe more important, for others too. But to be who you are, you have to be free. This is the freedom to act autonomously, knowing that you are responsible for your life and the decisions you make and that you are no longer distracted by expectations from the outside world and what they think you should do. It is the freedom to do what you stand for. This takes however self-leadership.

Come to our one-day training and you will get the foundation and understanding of self-leadership. It’s a must for improving your personal and professional life!

Wise men, chiefs, leaders, philosophers up to today’s scientists, successful chefs, artists, sportsmen, business leaders know the importance of self-leadership. It is timeless and for anybody. It gives you the freedom to be who you are, using the talents that you love to do and for your and others purpose.

We are born as a free human, but gradually from a young age we seem to lose that freedom. It is taken away from us almost unnoticed. This starts with our education and continues by government systems, religion, education, social media, marriage, the organization we work for, etc. It becomes normal for us to be concerned with what others think of us, how they expect us to act and to do what they want. We are busy with how much we have in our bank account, how big our house is, what we have, how we can get even more and often by doing something we even don’t like that much.

So, if this is where your life is about and what makes you happy, it is fine, enjoy it. But know that times are changing. Climate changes and economical ups and downs or crisises like Corona can turn your life upside down in just one day. You never know what is going to happen so don’t waste your time on things you don’t like in your life.

So now imagine that after a good night’s sleep you wake up and you can do what you want, and you know – whatever happens – that you can cope with every situation that occurs and that you are in control. That is the freedom and power you want.

For us, after we learned the principles of self-leadership and we applied them ourselves, we started to live more consciously and made choices that fit us as humans and how we want to live. This became possible because we regained our true freedom, dared to choose for ourselves and followed our hearts.

It brings us a lot including living at one of the most beautiful places on this earth, at our Phazama Farm in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This is where we live and from where we work all over the world. We have been inspired by what is possible from using self-leadership and we like to teach and share that with as many others as possible.

This training is for you if…

you believe that you are responsible for your life and that you can be in control of your personal and / or professional life, but you need inspiration, tools and a plan to achieve this. Everybody has a different background, and some are more fortunate then others but this is no reason to not achieve what you want or to do what you want.

Be welcome if you wish to (re)discover what you can do to create your freedom to take control of your life and if you want to see what else is possible in your life, your relationships and your career.

If you want a career in a management position or you already are in a management position, self-leadership is a must. If you can’t lead yourself, how are you going to lead others?

What is self-leadership?

In short self-leadership is the way of being in charge of your own life. This means to be yourself anytime and anywhere and to be in control of your own destination. Think of your life as creating your favorite dish. You decide how big it will be, which ingredients you use, where you will eat it, who joins and what the atmosphere is like. Great isn’t it?

A number of principles underlie self-leadership, all of which are discussed during the training:
– Taking responsibility for the choices you make
– The vision of your life, your talent, what you love to do
– The focus and priorities that are needed
– Reliable and meaningful relationships that help you
– Managing expectations
– Using each other’s power
– Staying fit
– Connection with nature, your natural state

Who are your trainers?

Peter Henssen MBA

Peter HenssenIn my youth I have experienced freedom and learned what it can bring me. But, I lost it somewhere along the way. I started to do what others expected of me and despite a good life there was always the feeling that something was missing. In my work I have always had management positions. Through successes but also failures, I have experienced the impact of leadership on others, the responsibility it entails and how I ultimately became successful and happy in my life. People who inspire me, showed me that personal freedom is their success factor. After all, freedom is an important factor for good and effective leadership. By developing myself, I have regained my freedom and that helps me to be successful. I believe that everyone can learn to do that. That is what I am doing now: teaching others to create their freedom so that from there they can determine the direction for the life they want. After all, everything starts with yourself. NO GUTS, NO FREEDOM.

Practical information


Will follow soon.


The training takes place at our Phazama Farm (Tsutsubega). Because nature is an important teacher in our training courses, they take place in an open area. We have a beautiful training space overlooking the floodplain.


08:30 am: Welcome with tea and coffee
09:00 am: Start of the training
13:00 pm: Lunch
16:30 pm: Closing


Special price: P 990 per person (vat 0%).

Costs include training materials, food and beverages. We expect your payment up front.

Cancellation policy:

– If canceled up to one week before the start of the training, 50% of the total amount will be charged.
-In case of cancellation within a week and on the day that the training takes place, the total amount will be charged.

How to get to the training location?

Our farm is situated next to the Tshilli Farm in Tsutsubega. It is a 40 minutes drive (4×4 needed) from Maun. We will give you directions but please let us know if you wish us to arrange transport for you (at little extra costs).

Send me more information

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    For companies: The training can also be organized for your staff and customized in order to your wishes.

    Katja Visser

    Katja VisserMy life changed in 2006. After several commercial positions in business, I decided to volunteer for six months with children in Peru. After returning to the Netherlands I wanted to change the world. That is why I set up the StartUp4kids foundation in 2009 to offer children leadership programs in developing countries. By teaching them about themselves and social and financial skills, they have the tools to lead an independent life. By following a personal development trajectory and a training to become a trainer and master trainer in the Aflatounprogram that the foundation uses, I found out that giving training courses in personal leadership makes me most happy. The next step followed and I started offering empowerment training to children and refugee women in the Netherlands. But at the end of 2018 my dream came true, together with Peter I emigrated to Botswana to give personal leadership training courses to women, children and managers with my feet in the white sand of Botswana and still occasionally in the Netherlands.

    What others think of this training:

    You can do much more than you think!

    Are you curious? We are looking forward to seeing you at the training.