Get mastery over your life through the power of your personal or financial leadership.

We believe that everyone can be a leader; a leader who lives her or his life based on independence, responsibility and trust, giving a meaningful contribution to the world and above all having a lot of fun.

But times change, people change, culture changes and this influences our lives. In our complex, turbulent and fast changing world, it is difficult to find the power and peace in yourself to live the way you really want. With personal leadership as a foundation, you have everything you need to find the strength and tranquillity to do so. So, not to be lived but to live.

Personal leadership means that you take control of your work, your career, your personal development and your life. Strong personal leadership is not only about what you do, but especially about who you are. In personal leadership, principles such as belief in your own abilities, honesty, responsibility and cooperation prevail.

It enables you to get the most out of yourself based on trust and on your talent, potential and passion. It helps you to create relationships in which you create something better together.

Especially for staff of companies in Botswana we have developed the MasterClass Financial Leadership. The only one who is responsible for your financial situation and the choices you have made, is you.

The future is where you will spend the rest of your life. Invest in it. See you at our MasterClasses!


“Personal leadership is freedom. Freedom to life the live you want.” Covey

The MasterClass Individual is for everyone who finds it is important to work on personal growth and who wants to get more out of life. Personal leadership is a condition for developing yourself continuously. The principles of personal leadership are the foundation to get the most out of your life in an independent and responsible way and full of confidence. This applies to your personal and business life. You can achieve much more than you think. In this MasterClass you get the tools to further develop yourself.


``A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life``. Suze Orman

Everyone in the world deserves a life without money stress and a chance to fulfill their dreams. To achieve this, we developed an interactive financial education program to positively influence financial attitudes and behavior. We believe that everybody is responsible for their money and the choices one makes concerning money issues. To manage your money you need personal and financial leadership skills.

MasterClass Individu
Financial leadership

Are you ready to take control of your work, your career, your personal development and your life? Or do you want to learn more about the principles of personal effectiveness?

Then come to our MasterClass Personal Leadership.

Are you ready to take control of your personal finances? Or do you want to learn more about saving wisely, planning and budgeting?

Then come to our MasterClass Financial Leadership.

By whom?

The MasterClasses are given by Peter Henssen and Katja Visser.

Peter Henssen

has a backpack full of experiences and knowledge as a manager over the past 30 years. One of his best learning schools is his period in the army where he has learned and experienced all forms of leadership. He then experienced the do’s and don’ts of leadership in numerous positions in various companies. After completing his master’s degree in UK, he started to learn more about leadership, and he set himself the goal of teaching managers to manage based on personal leadership.

Katja Visser

has been traveling all over the world from an early age and has worked in various commercial positions. But, after her voluntary work in Peru, her life changes. She decided that she would take care for more opportunities for children and women around the world. To achieve this, she leads two foundations and gives personal, social and financial leadership trainings to women and children. Her dream is to give each individual the tools so that they can create an independent (financial) future for themselves. She prefers to do this at her farm in Botswana, together with her husband Peter. She inspires others to think about their dreams, to make them come true.

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