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MasterYourLifeClass Botswana


The purpose

Sometimes all we really need is a break, in a beautiful place, to figure everything out.

The purpose of the MasterYourLifeClass is to teach and to help you to create your personal freedom; the freedom from where you can determine your way to a meaningful* life. You will learn how to create your freedom by discovering the principles of your personal leadership and how you can use them to master your life.

The MasterYourLifeClass is a kind of retreat which means that you will withdraw from your daily life. You will stay in a quiet and secluded place where you learn and experience in solitude together with a select group of participants.

You gain confidence in yourself and the courage to live your life the way you want. You will take full responsibility for your life and become an inspiration for your environment. Your next steps will come naturally.

There is ultimately only one thing that makes human beings deeply and profoundly bitter, and that is to have thrust upon them a life without meaning.

There is nothing wrong in searching for happiness. But of far more comfort to the soul is something greater than happiness or unhappiness, and that is meaning. Because meaning transfigures all. Once what you are doing has for you meaning, it is irrelevant whether you’re happy or unhappy. You are content – you are not alone in your Spirit – you belong.

For whom?

The MasterYourLifeClass is for everyone who knows, feels and sees that, how your life is now, not is what you once had in mind. You have no rest, you lack power or even have a standstill. Everything in your body tells you, perhaps for a longer time already, that things must change. A routine has emerged, it may seem all okay, but you have ended up in mediocrity. You may be even exhausted and want to give up.

All the choices you have made so far have not taken you where you want to be! Do you even ever think that others, instead of yourself, determine your life? Or is there always that little voice that stops you from taking action? What would be meaningful for you to do with your life from now? What do you need to make the next step or what should be in there to make the next step? You want something to happen now! Life has so much to offer.

Our approach

It can be different, your life can really be how you want it! But then you first have to go offline. So, you have to go completely away from the to do’s and all hectic, unrest, overkill of information and distraction. The power and success of the MasterYourLifeClass program is the combination of the knowledge you get to understand how you can live your life the way you want, rest and the wisdom of nature.

All the choices you have made in your life have brought you to where you are now. We are going to teach you how to make other choices in order to go to where you really want to be and what you want to achieve in your life.

Why Botswana?

You’ve probably made the choices you’ve made with your brain. In most cases that was only with the left half of it, the logic part. With that, you have not used a lot of potential for making choices. In fact, logic often does not help you to make the right choices. Now, we are not talking about which jacket or trousers you put on today or which television or car you wish to buy; we are talking about the choices that determine your life, who you want to be, what you want to do, which relationships you want…

Our Phazama Farm, where the training takes place, is located in the Okavango Delta, the spirit of life. Botswana is also known as the land of the San, the descendants of the oldest people on earth and for its pure nature*. The biggest plus is the pristine nature and wildlife, so that you can reset all your senses and learn to use and trust your intuition again; because in personal leadership, intuition is one of the most important elements to give direction to your life. You are going to make choices with all your senses and intuition, the implementation with your logic.

Please, have a look at our trailer:

During the Dutch program ‘Tokidoki’ by Paulien Cornelissen we heard the Japanese word “yugen” for the first time. This means something like the feeling that comes over you when you are alone in nature and you are experiencing the overwhelming feeling of the universe. You will experience this at our Phazama Farm!

What to do?

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* The mistake of all centuries is that we seek the solution outside of ourselves. Nature, however, shows us that things unfold from the inside out: flower from seed, fruit from tree, bird from egg, child from mother, form from energy … Circumstances do not come to us but FROM us. Charles Haanel, The Master Key System – 1912