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Online coaching

There doesn’t always have to be a problem to improve your life. Coaching can also help you to make your life even better or to change a small part of your life that you are less satisfied with.

This is where online coaching offers a perfect solution. It can be done everywhere, anytime as long there is a Wi-Fi connection. The online coaching will always be via a video connection. It is important to see each other, so part of the non-verbal communication is also seen.


How do you choose the coach that suits you? Trust in your coach is essential for the coaching process. That is why the coaching starts with a free intake of approximately 30 minutes. During the intake, the most suitable course is determined. We both agree on whether we want to continue together. An average coaching process takes 8 to 10 sessions. In between sessions, there is homework which will also be input for every upcoming session.

After the intake a contract will be made and sighed by both parties and the coaching starts.


The coaching is successful when you take control of your life and have the tools to continue to do so. After the coaching sessions you will have created:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-trust
  • Freedom
  • Trust to leave your comfort zone
  • A change of mind shift

and you will be:

  • More powerful
  • Highly Effective
  • Happier


Your investment in the online coaching program is € 1470 ($1,500 / BWP 17,750) VAT: 0%
50% has to be paid before starting the coaching sessions and the remaining part after the last session.

Cancellation conditions:
When you decide to cancel after signing the contract a € 100 ($ 115 / BWP 1210) administration fee will be charged.

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