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Our Leadership2Impact model

Our MasterClasses and coaching programs are based on our Leadership2Impact model. This model reflects the combination of existing and proven knowledge in the field of personal leadership. The model is based on the human being who is connected with nature, uses all her / his senses and is fit in all areas. Based on who you want to be, you create successful relationships and collaborations that are meaningful and based on trust.

You are more than your ratio. In addition to adjusting your mindset, you have other senses that help you to be who you want to be and to achieve your goals. To take care that you use those senses again and to give your mind a rest, our MasterClasses take place in a natural environment. Because, nature opens your mind, heart and soul.

With our approach you will get the theory behind the principles of personal leadership to understand them and you will practice to experience them. In addition, you get tools that you can immediately apply in your personal and professional life. The lessons from nature and being out of your daily routine will help you to find new answers to your personal questions.