If you really want to improve your situation you can work on the one thing over which you have control:


The purpose of Leadership2Impact

We strongly believe that you can achieve so much more when you come from a place called personal freedom. Personal freedom is when you can be yourself in every circumstance. You can create and maintain this through personal leadership. Then you are in charge of your life, not the systems, not your work and not the people around you.

We believe in a world where people are in the lead of their life, are following their dreams and having a positive impact ons their environment, society and the world.

We do this by showing (personal) leadership ourselves, by inspiring others to follow their dreams too, by being connected with nature and above all we do this out of love and care. It is our mission to share our knowledge and experiences with you so you can improve your personal leadership skills.

The Leadership2impact Academy programs are based on the principles of personal leadership. Because, people, organizations and things change, but good principles don’t. By using these timeless principles, you will become the master of your life. It will give advantage in your personal and professional life.

The definition we use for personal leadership is: “Personal leadership is the self-confident ability to crystalize your thinking and establish an exact direction for your own life, to commit yourself to moving in that direction, and then to take determined action to acquire, accomplish, or become whatever you identify as the ultimate goal in your life.”

We see personal leadership as a fundament for your professional life and as the foundation of every organization. In the end organizations are all about people. The goods or services are made for people and by people. Even in high technology and highly automated processes there are always people involved. If you look at what, or better at who are the most valuable to the organization, it is the employees. Your organization is as good as your employees are. From work floor to the top. We help with management consultancy and coaching to create an organization where the employees are free to perform at their best to achieve the organizations successes.

You now have to choose courage over comfort to be free to lead the life you want. The time is now!


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You now have to choose courage over comfort to be free to lead the life you want. The time is now!


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