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Your call for your leadership adventure in Botswana:
The Heroes Safari

Design your best life

This is the call for you to go on adventure!

Imagine waking up every day in your favorite place, being with that person you want to be with, and spending the day ahead with what you love the most, doing what you’re good at in the knowledge that your actions are benefitting other people and the planet. With the chrystal clear realisation that you are leading an autonomous and meaningful life. Close your eyes and imagine. It can become your reality!

Our adventure story

Once upon a time there were two people…

They had a good life in the Netherlands as it may have appeared to the outside world. However, a few elements were missing all this time. The most important things that were missing were personal freedom, living in pure nature and living a meaningful life. They both knew that if they remained literally and figuratively where they were, they would not find what we wanted. Because to find their purpose in life, to discover what their priorities were and who they really were, they had to go on a quest, an adventure to a place where they could be one with nature, where there was no distraction and where they could really relax; a place where they both felt completely alive. This was going to be a journey full of discovering new things and they knew that they also would be going to do things they had never done before. However, they felt a calling to embark on the adventure because life is too short not to do it!

Those two people were us: Peter Henssen and Katja Visser!

The moment we set foot in Africa, we were overcome by an enormous feeling of coming home. This feeling cannot be described, you have to experience it to feel it fully. We felt and knew, we wanted to go to Africa for good, but where exactly? How? and what? Were big questions. We let the nature there inspire us. We learned to look again, to trust our feelings and our intuition and we have asked ourselves questions such as: “Who do we want to be?”, “What makes us happy?”, What do we find important? ” and “What things do we have in our lives which we don’t need anymore?”

After visiting Africa a number of times, investigating further, consciously looking at what we find important in what we do, we quickly discovered the place where we needed to be, Botswana! And we also found enlightenment as to what was most important to us. It was personal freedom and open space! Space, not so much in the house but in space around us, no longer packed together with noise from industry and cars everywhere, but living deep in nature with the wild untouched space to do what makes us happy and to contribute to a better world. We discovered that we were getting better at this, especially by doing and continuing to learn, but also by teaching others, inspiring them and giving them something valuable.

After figuring everything out for ourselves, knowing how we wanted our lives to look and by really visualising how it would be, everything fell into place. That’s when our Botswana adventure started.

Now, its no longer just our adventure, we are creating an environment for more and more people like you, also searching for enlightenment and purpose on an adventure. Big or small, near or far, it doesn’t matter, it’s your purpose!

We see around us that many people are struggling with the same questions we had about the interpretation of their lives. Many people are in a struggle between doing what others expect of them, complying with the norm of what people are ‘supposed to do’,  instead of listening and following their heart. Modern day life and pressures mean that most people are concerned with what others expect from them. Our goal is to help others regain their autonomy so they can be who they want to be and do what they want to do.

All those people who want something different in their lives, who dare embark on an adventure to find out who they are and their hearts desire: We would like to invite them to join us on an adventure. We are excellently trained professionals in our field, we have extensive experience wisdom in the field of personal leadership, coaching – and of course of the African bush, with the knowledge to help you learn and apply that wisdom!

What does your African adventure look like?

Once you have landed at Maun Airport on the fringe of the Okavango delta in northern Botswana, we will take you as part of a group of like-minded people, on a twelve-day adventure at our Phazama Farm and the surrounding area. We live in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world, the Okavango Delta. The Makgadikgadi salt pans are not so far from our farm. This is the place where the first human, as we are now, has its origin. Botswana is a fairly developed country but still has the uniquely untouched African landscape with the associated wildlife, such as the well-known Big Five. You will experience all of this and you will return to a place that is still in your genes.

You will go on an adventure, a quest to find that holy grail of self-awareness, really finding yourself and the answers to your questions through an emersion in pure nature, through the lectures we give you and the practical exercises you will do. Also, every day you have the chance to come face to face with the Big Five.

Your own Metaphorical ‘Big Five’

In these spheres and during the (re) discovery of the life you want, we teach you how to create the conditions to achieve this. You will get all the tools to get started with your personal Big Five (your five main goals) so that the dreams you visualize come true and you can lead a life of abundance and contentment.
In the spirit of the ancient indigenous Batswana and SAN Bushmen philosophy of ‘Botho’ (UBUNTU)*, we will end every day around the campfire under the amazing African stars where we will share experiences with each other, where we have the freedom to express what we think without being judged and where we learn from each other. In your luxury tent you will be alone again with yourself and the exciting sounds of the African night…

*Ubuntu means humanity and compassion: open yourself by connecting to nature and those around you. 

The purpose of your adventure and yourself

In short, the purpose of this adventure is to (re)discover who you are defined by two aspects: your aptitude/talent and that you have to love it. This means that every day when you wake up, you are looking forward to doing it again and if you are busy doing it you don’t want to stop. To find who you are, you must be free in your mind and without any distraction from the outside world. During the adventure you will gain all the tools to find your freedom and to (re)discover who you are. Then you start to define your Big Five goals. You will do this away from your daily routine and influences, with the help of nature and us.
If you love what you do and you are good at it, you will perform at your maximum. That is your purpose!

For us, autonomy means being free and responsible for your own life and knowing that you need others to help you. It also means taking care of your environment, society and the world based on that responsibility.

Coming soon: more information about this safari in Botswana!

Watch this movie to see how adventurous life can be!