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MasterYourLifeClass Botswana

Day 1 Touch down.

This day you literally and figuratively land in Maun at the airport. We are ready to welcome you and to take you to our Phazama Farm where the MasterYourLifeClass will take place. At our farm you will ‘land’ again. You become acquainted with the place where you are going to stay and with the people who work there. There is time to rest and to get used to it. We will of course take you for a walk in the beautiful nature in and around our farm.

Day 2 It’s your life!

That it is your life seems obvious, but often we let others determine our own lives. Are you behind the steering wheel of your life or are you sitting in the passenger seat, or maybe even in the back seat? You will understand that all the choices you have made so far have brought you to the point where you are now. You will gain insights into the way you make choices and you will understand what it means to take responsibility for your own life. We are in nature and you are going to use it to stimulate all your senses, because you will need them in abundance.

Day 3 When are you successful and what does success look like to you?

In which area(s) of ​​your life are you not satisfied with the results, where are the successes missing? What do you want to achieve in your life, where do you want to go for? Confront yourself with the way you go for the things in life!

You will see the usefulness of concepts such as mission, principles, goals and how they help to shape your life. Nature plays an important role again this day. Your senses get the taste. This day is going to help you to figure out who you want to be and what you want your life to look like.

Day 4 In the bush.

You have been in the African bush all the time but not yet in the African wildlife bush. And as you are in Botswana, we are almost obliged to go into that bush. Today we take you with our wildlife guide into the Okavanga Delta, where we will continue the program in the middle of the wilderness in the coming days.

Let’s see if the Big Five wants to show itself. Because as it is in nature: they determine whether they show themselves and they do not work on command. By the way, how does that work in your life? Everything has a reason, also in the MasterYourLifeClass.

Day 5 Let go of thinking. What?!

Another day in the bush. You experience that you dare much more than you actually thought. Because you are now out in nature, you will notice that if all your senses function optimally again, your intuition becomes your steering wheel. Because your thoughts don’t always help you. It all becomes clearer to you and we will explain how that works and how you can use it.

Day 6 You don’t have to do it alone.

From the bush we return to the farm via our local community. We can learn from their culture and vice versa. In the area there are different communities where we are welcome to exchange ideas about life, business, etc. Today you learn that you don’t have to do it all by yourself, even if it’s about your goals, it’s your life. How do you create cooperation without being dependent?

Day 7 And now more specific.

You have seen, done, cried, laughed, enjoyed, amazed, learned and much more in the past days. Now, all of that has to be applied in your daily life. Today is about making a plan with which you put what you have learned into practice to realize your goals. You are going to create your personal “road map”.

Dag 8 Fly away, going back home.

Your stuff is packed and you take home a lot of extra tools.

We take you for one last walk, to say good bye. Of course, we ensure that you arrive at the airport on time, perhaps a little earlier, so that you can buy souvenirs.

We wish you a safe trip home.

Please note: The program is based on what we have experienced that works to achieve the best results. If you need anything else to achieve your results, we’ll see if the program can be adjusted. We are experienced in giving everyone what they need.

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