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MasterYourLifeClass Botswana

MasterClass Individu

What to expect

The MasterYourLifeClass program is a combination of experiential learning, the location in pristine nature combined by sharing our knowledge and providing insights.

What will you take home after the MasterYourLifeClass in Botswana?

  • You know how you want to be in life, what you want to do and the direction you want to go (goal)
  • You know how to use and trust your intuition
  • You have established your rules, norms and values
  • You know how and what you want to have influence on and what you don’t want any more in your life
  • You know how to make better choices
  • You know what it’s like to be responsible and you take responsibility
  • You are in balance at a physical, social, mental and consciousness level
  • You have made a personal plan to achieve your goals
  • You know what your priorities are
  • You know what your barriers and limitations are, but they are no longer your excuses
  • You are fit and vital and you have the energy to go for it
  • You learn to trust yourself and create trust
  • You know how to ensure good cooperation
  • You are aware of what makes sense to you