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Blog #12: Who are you? What do you want?

For years I travel and I am attracted by the high mountains of the Andes and the Himalayas, the green and humid jungle of the Amazon, the salt pans in Chile and Bolivia and the Makgadikgadi salt pans close by and by deltas like the Pantanal in Brazil and of course also through the Okavango Delta where we now live. Whatdoes this attract me so much? Fifteen years ago I would say nature and being alone in that beautiful immensenature with birds, frogs and butterflies of all colors, monkeys swinging from tree to tree, a jaguar on the riverbank, otters eating fish out of their ‘hands’, elephants passing by and by all those spectacular landscapes and high mountains that I managed to climb during multi-day hikes.

After that, the life of and with the local people in developing countries started to play a major role in my life. Thanks to my brother Derek who has lived in Peru for years, my girlfriend Mascha who lived in Kenya and also thanks to myself through the projects of my StartUp4kids foundation, I suddenly come to places and people I never visited during my travels. This brings me into contact with the local people and suddenly I am no longer a backpacker but I am a person learning about their life, their traditions, their food and also about their challenges.

And since a while something new has been added, let’s say a slightly more spiritual journey. When I think back to my travels, the indigenous people in the Amazon, Ayahuasca rituals in Brazil and the Incas in Peru always intrigued me, but apparently I couldn’t do anything with that by then. But now that spiritual world opens up to me through my own Ayahuasca experiences, including one in Peru that takes me back to the planets, my own birth but also to the Incas, to their kings, their symbols and to mother earth. In addition, I was very inspired by the movie Down to Earth in which a Dutch family travels all over the world to visit different tribes. Their chiefs say such a beautiful things and basically everything I believe in. Wherever they live in the world, they say the same thing but in a different language… thousands of miles apart from each other.

Now, I live in Botswana near the place where the homo sapiens originated and where we all come from. This is probably why I feel so much at home here … in the land of the San, our common ancestors. My feeling says that I am going to learn a lot about them, but it seems that it is the turn of the Incas first.

Because, I have been following Peruvian wisdom keepers for a long time, I know that they provide trainings. Because the trainings were always far away, it had not yet happened. But thank you Corona because these wisdom keepers are now giving an online training that makes participating suddenly accessible to me. The newsletter about it and also the website about the content and the expected results did not really mean anything to me, but my feeling told me to participate. So then I do that haha. Do you recognize that you feel that you have to do something and that you absolutely want to do it, but that you cannot base it on anything? That it is so strong? I had that now.

The training consists of six sessions. Actually until now I only followed the introduction and the first lesson. Still, I’m already going to share something because my feeling tells me to do so. I hope you don’t stop reading because it’s super spiritual but I’m going to keep it as earthy as possible.

The training is about the return of the Pachakuty. This is an energy that has returned to Earth, this time in the form of the Corona virus. It is here to teach us and to transform us and our earth for the better. To waken us all up. The chaos that has now been created is necessary to regain harmony with ourselves, the earth and nature. It is a time to look at ourselves and ask questions like: Who am I? What is my mission? What is my purpose here on Earth? How can I make a difference in the world?

The funny thing is that my husband Peter and I have been aware of our answers to these questions for a long time and found our mission and put it into action. In our MasterClasses we also let our participants think about their mission and we ask them to answer the same questions. My projects with children and women also start with questions like… Who am I? What do I want? What makes me happy? What am I good at? And later in the program, after learning them financial and entrepreneurial skills the question is: “What can I improve in my community” and then they will actually get to work on that.

It is so beautiful that we can inspire people to find their answers and of course to take action to contribute to a better world because you are here for a reason…

I share these questions through this blog because now is the time according to the wisdom keepers to think about yourself and to take action. Imagine what will happen to society and the earth if everyone starts thinking and working on her or his life purpose that also contributes to a better world? And please note that that does not mean that you have to emigrate to Botswana like us! Everyone has a personal mission and ours “happened” to bring us here.

Yoga and meditation help you to look at yourself and be open to the answers. Pure food, drinking a lot of water, 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night, taking good care of your body and little alcohol and little access to technology also help. So every now and then put away that phone and laptop! In our own MasterClass we call this being mentally, physically and spiritually fit. We have added social fitness too because this is also important. So take the time for yourself now that the world is not yet at full speed, go into nature, relax, open your mind and ask yourself the questions. You can start with the three most important ones: Who am I? What do I want? What do I want to contribute? Then write down what has passed through your mind. Writing, writing and now without thinking. And then in action of course to make it happen!

Do you need help finding your answers? Or do you want to get started to live your mission instead of that it remains a dream? Peter and I are happy to help you through our training and coaching programs.

I will continue with my “Inca training” and I am very curious what it will further bring me! Perhaps I will share about it via a following blog, but of course you can always email me if you want to know more about it now.

For now thank you thank you thank you for reading my blog! Good luck finding your answers!

Katja Visser