The art of peace is the art of learning deeply, the art of knowing yourself

Morihei Ueshiba, founder of aikido

Are you in your life where you want to be? If you are struggling most of the time, you are not where you should be. Struggling can be on different levels, from having no food on your plate or not having enough money to pay the bills till not doing what you really want to do and busy with fulfilling the expectations of your environment. Nowadays most people struggle with the latter two. But if you listen carefully to yourself, you are aware that something is missing in the essence, but you do not know yet what it is. It causes you stress, physical complaints, dissatisfaction, not really enjoying life, and most of all you are not at your best, not using your talents and potential.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. Where are you going? You must start with thinking of what you do want. Build that idea, that image you desire. Your thoughts of what you want produce feelings, these feelings cause actions, and the actions bring a new result.

As most thoughts, your decisions are based on your past. You must understand your past; your story, so you know how you can use that knowledge. Understanding of the past will make it possible to make better choices now.

The Leadership Quest is developed to support you to understand what the influence of your past is on your future. We help you to find out how you made decisions and how to manage your thoughts. This will support creating the life you aspire now and in the future.

Next to two experienced trainers/ coaches with their own expertise and knowledge, we have one of the most powerful instruments available where you will be staying in Botswana: pristine wildlife nature. Here you are most of the time by yourself and you will experience the positive influence of nature. Time alone in nature is golden when it comes to relief from the daily grid and from stressful conditions. Relief from stress is by no means the only benefit that time alone in nature provides. Since time immemorial, people have sought nature to be alone, to observe, to listen, to learn from nature and to increase their strengths. They purposefully sought time alone in nature because they found spending this time alone an invaluable experience.

Knowing yourself is the key to a life you wish for yourself


The Leadership Quest is for you when, for example:

  • you are at the end of your career and have achieved what you wanted, time for something new, different, but…

  • you have sold your company and you are looking for something new in your life, but…

  • you are doing what you thought you wanted to do but you still have that feeling that you could do so much more, but…

  • it seems you are doing quite well but there is that voice or feeling whispering to you that this is not what you should do, but….

  • you feel in every cell of your body that your current life has to change, but ….

  • you are struggling to find your way in life, and you’re done with it, but …

But you don’t know how!

The Leadership Quest is for you if you like to be alone to develop yourself with the help of us and the power of nature. You are willing to invest in yourself and to commit to a intensive program of exploring, discovering and transforming the most important person in your life: YOU


The combination of lecturing, sharing experiences, nature and learning more about yourself will inspire you to write your new life story.

You will be on your own, in your bush house at our Phazama Farm. We will have a meeting with you every day for coaching, intervision, have a walk in nature. We will assist and guide you with exactly what you need at that moment.

The days start with yoga, meditation or some kind of workout.

Being on yourself, with yourself, taking care of yourself, no distraction, no connection to the outside world is an experience of its own.

What can you expect:

1] Intake

There is an online intake before you commit to the program. Through the intake we will find out together if the program is what you are looking for, if we are the right partners you are looking for and we will have to find out if we can help you. If there is a yes from both sites, your can start your quest.

2] The preparation

Before you come to Botswana we help you preparing to get the most out of your stay in the wild nature of Botswana. It is to give you the right mindset and we will take care that  your logistics are in place. From the first contact with us your quest starts, even from your home.

3] Your stay in Botswana (7 nights)

A change of scenery is one of the most important elements of change. It is where you experience if all your senses are still working and what happens to you If you are out of the routines and the ordinary. If you want change in your life, it will not always be easy. You have to learn to except what is and anticipate. But most of all that you are capable to do whatever life throws at your feet.
You will experience that for example silence has all the answers, being in nature and reconnecting helps you to understand life.

Extra program: after care

You will come back home with a backpack full of insights, ideas, questions, inspiration, and the start of a new story. It is time to put it all into action and practice. We believe that this is the most important period. You are back home and maybe you will be easily distracted by the daily routines again. You must find the discipline to keep the momentum. For some people this is not a great problem and others need something to keep them focused and on track.

We offer an aftercare program where we support you, customized to your needs.This program contains ten online sessions of one hour. The after care is available for six months and when the sessions will take place is up to you.

The investment for the aftercare program is € 1370. [0% VAT]



  • You know how manage your thoughts so they work for you.

  • You have learned how to switch of your auto pilot.

  • You understand what stopped you from following your path.

  • You know how you make decisions that support YOUR life.

  • You know how to be connected again with yourself, you know what you want.

  • You are more aware of what is going on around and inside of you

  • You understand what personal freedom is for you.

  • You have an understanding of what your next steps are and how to put them into action.

practical information

This program will be conducted by Peter Henssen, Katja Visser and Mother Nature. Read more about us.

You stay with us at our Phazama Farm. The farm is located at the boundaries of the Okavango Delta. One of the last wild life areas in the world. More information you find by clicking on this link:

You have your own chalet, equipped with all you need. 

The preparation for the Quest will be online. You will stay for a period of seven nights at our our Phazama Farm on a 35 minutes drive from Maun on the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. You will stay in one of our luxury self-catering chalets.

We will help with your travel to Botswana and we send you a list with what to do and what to bring..

Make sure your passport is at least valid for six month. Just to be sure. 

The goal of the quest is that you will be as much as possible on your own. You are going to prepare your own meals.

On arrival we will go shopping with you for your food, (non alcoholic) drinks, and snacks. It is always possible to go to back to town and get some additional food and (non alcoholic) drinks if you wish.

The Quest can start whenever you are ready and a chalet and the coaches are available. In addition we can consider days when flights are most favourable.

We start the preparation when a time is set to be in Botswana. 

€ 2.870 [VAT 0%]

Your investment includes:

  • Daily intervision and coaching
  • All materials
  • Stay at the farm and in your own bush house
  • Transport from Maun to the farm and vice versa.

and excludes:

  • Return flight to Maun
  • Food, drinks, etc.
  • Travel insurance

What can you experience when you stay a longer time at our farm?

As a twenty-eight year old woman hungry for some soul searching, I was very excited to be able to stay at the Phazama Farm for 3,5 months. The extreme beauty of the place, combined with the right digital facilities gave me the opportunity to relax, enjoy ánd work remotely in the middle of nature.

The time I spend at the Phazama Farm has been really transforming.
On one hand I experienced pure moments of awe, happiness, presence and connection with myself and everything around me. Waking up with the sound of lions in the distance or the random encounters with elephants. The constant smell of wild sage and the pure joy of basically being outside all hours of the day. It sharpened my senses to a degree I didn’t know was even possible. 
On the other hand I also felt safe enough, to go through a range of emotions and experiences that had been patiently waiting to be seen for a while. Knowing I was surrounded by the guidance, safety and love of Katja and Peter was an important factor for that to be possible.

Emerging myself in a life at the Phazama Farm for a longer period of time has lightened a fire that I am exploring ever since. I found a second home in Botswana. A place where I can just be, surrounded by pureness and friendship.

So for anyone looking to calm down, reconnect and truly experience living in the wild, I would highly recommend a (long) stay at the Phazama Farm. But most of all I would recommend the support, guidance and love that Katja and Peter are able to give during a personal transformation proces. I am forever gratefull.

Nadine Kramer

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    This Leadership Quest can be an add-on to your holiday in Botswana!