“The greatest quest in life is to reach one’s potential”

Mychal Wynn

You are living your life, towards a future. And although it is of tremendous use to be able to look ahead and plan, there is no use of planning a future that when it becomes real it is not what you expected. Or that your life comes to a stop without any further perspective or direction. This way you are never able to inherit and enjoy the fruits of your actions. You can’t live at all unless you live the life you want and then live it to the fullest. 

What does your life success story looks like if you had to write it now? You can’t change the start anymore; the good news is that you can rewrite how it goes from now on.

The Leadership Quest is for you when like to travel and learn on your own. We will be there to guide you and keep you on track. Part of your solo safari will bring you to Botswana, the land of the wildlife, bushmen and pristine nature, ‘safari land’.


The Leadership Quest is for you when:

  • you have achieved in your career what you wanted
  • you have sold your company and you are looking for something new in your life
  • you are doing what you want but you still have that feeling that you can make more of it
  • you are doing quite well but there is that voice or feeling telling you that this is not what you should do
  • you feel in every cell of your body that your current life has to change

But you don’t know how!

It is for you if you like to be alone to develop yourself with the help of us and Mother Nature. You are willing to invest in yourself and to commit to a six-month program of exploring, discovering and transforming the most important person in your life: YOU


The combination of lecturing, sharing experiences, nature and learning more about yourself will inspire you to write your life story. The program is a combination of online sessions and a seven night’s stay at our farm in Botswana.

You will be on your own, in your bush house at our Phazama Farm. We will have a meeting with you every day for coaching or we just have a walk in nature. We will  assist and guide you with exactly what you need at that moment. We will also go out in the bush and see if we can spot the big five.

This is the journey you are going to make in a four-month period:

1] Intake

There is an online intake before you commit to the program. Through the intake we will find out together if the program is what you are looking for, if we are the right partners you are looking for and we will have to find out if we can help you. If there is a yes from both sites, your can start your quest.

2] The preparation

The first month of the quest we prepare you to get the most out of your stay in the wild nature of Botswana. It is to give you the right mindset and we will take care that  your logistics are in place. From the first contact with us your quest starts, even from your home.

3] Your stay in Botswana (7 nights)

A change of scenery is one of the most important elements of change. It is where you experience if all your senses are still working and what happens to you If you are out of the routines and the ordinary. If you want change in your life, it will not always be comfortable. You have to learn to except what is and anticipate. But most of all that you are capable to do whatever life throws at your feet.
You will experience that for example silence has all the answers, being in nature and reconnecting helps you to understand life.

4] The implementation

You will come back home with a backpack full of insights, ideas, questions, inspiration and the start of a story. It is time to put it all into action. We believe that this is the most important period, to keep the momentum because you are back home and maybe you will be easily distracted by the daily routines again. But, we will keep you on track with coaching and progress meetings.

5] And the story continues

You are now on your own feet. As it is life, you will always be creating, experiencing, changing, but you are now living YOUR desired story.  And of course we will keep in touch!



  • You know how to write and live your life story
  • You will be connected again, with yourself, with nature and your environment
  • You are more aware of what is going on around and inside of you
  • You have learned how to disable your auto pilot and you have switched it off
  • You know how to create your personal freedom and claim it
  • You know what your vision is on your life
  • You have the knowledge to create that life
  • You know what you have to let go to live your life
  • You have very practical tools to be the hero in your story

practical information


This workshop will be conducted by Peter Henssen, Katja Visser, Mother Nature and sometimes a local guide how knows the bush better than we do. Read more about us.


During the preparation stage we will help you to get ready for your stay with us at our Phazama Farm. We send you a list with what to do and what to bring.

The goal of the quest is that you will be as much as possible on your own. You are going to prepare your own meals.

On arrival we will go shopping with you for your food, (non alcoholic) drinks, and snacks. It is always possible to go to back to town and get some additional food and (non alcoholic) drinks if you wish.


The program is most of the time online, and you will stay for a period of seven nights at our our Phazama Farm on a 35 minutes drive from Maun on the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. You will stay in one of our luxury self-catering chalets. Depending on the weather conditions we will also be in the bush for a few nights, between the wildlife.


The duration of the program is four months and starts when we together agreed on starting day.


€ 4.890 [VAT 0%]

Your investment includes:

  • All materials
  • Stay at the farm and in the bush
  • Transport from Maun to the farm and vice versa.

and excludes:

  • Return flight to Maun
  • Food, drinks, etc.
  • Travel and/or cancellation insurance
  • Tips (for driver, guide)
  • Personal expenses

What can you experience when you stay a longer time at our farm?

As a twenty-eight year old woman hungry for some soul searching, I was very excited to be able to stay at the Phazama Farm for 3,5 months. The extreme beauty of the place, combined with the right digital facilities gave me the opportunity to relax, enjoy ánd work remotely in the middle of nature.

The time I spend at the Phazama Farm has been really transforming.
On one hand I experienced pure moments of awe, happiness, presence and connection with myself and everything around me. Waking up with the sound of lions in the distance or the random encounters with elephants. The constant smell of wild sage and the pure joy of basically being outside all hours of the day. It sharpened my senses to a degree I didn’t know was even possible. 
On the other hand I also felt safe enough, to go through a range of emotions and experiences that had been patiently waiting to be seen for a while. Knowing I was surrounded by the guidance, safety and love of Katja and Peter was an important factor for that to be possible.

Emerging myself in a life at the Phazama Farm for a longer period of time has lightened a fire that I am exploring ever since. I found a second home in Botswana. A place where I can just be, surrounded by pureness and friendship.

So for anyone looking to calm down, reconnect and truly experience living in the wild, I would highly recommend a (long) stay at the Phazama Farm. But most of all I would recommend the support, guidance and love that Katja and Peter are able to give during a personal transformation proces. I am forever gratefull.

Nadine Kramer

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    This Leadership Quest can be an add-on to your holiday in Botswana!