Slow down There are plenty of arguments to take it easy, to slow down. I find that, since living here in Botswana, ‘slowingdown’ comes naturally and it brings me a lot. If I compare my schedule now with the one of five years ago when I was living in the Netherlands, the difference becomes immediately […]

Self-awareness is the key to change. Positive thinking is not the solution.

How many times has somebody said to you to think positive and everything will be alright? And did it work? Probably not. If you want changes to happen in your life you must change yourself. A quote of Dr. Joe Dispanzo says: “If you want another personal reality you need to change your personality.” Which […]

To connect or not to connect?

When I speak to the younger generation, I hear the word “connection” a lot. They do not mean the connection through social media but the real connection with family, friends, colleagues, etc. I think that this maybe is one of the positives outcomes of the pandemic. The lockdowns did not allow them to go out and a life with no real social contacts showed them how important that ‘real’ connection is. I also think that […]