“Education that helps young people develop life skills, has transformative potential.”


Everybody has a unique set of talents, skills and dreams. When you use this set in the right way it becomes your personal power.

As we go through school we learn for our job in the future. The school system in the majority a system that is helping how to go through life and not encouraging young people to ask questions and to be critical. It is said that education starts after school.

Youngsters who are the future, must or better said, it is their right to go after and fulfill their dreams. To have no fear and no shame to express themselves in the way they want and most of all know that they are responsible for their own life and make dreams come true by being in action.

For this programme, we make use of the seven qualities for successful people of Stephen Covey. The purpose of the program is to help youth who are currently sitting at home doing nothing to realise that they are responsible for their own lives. This training consists of ten workshops of two hours each.

We have seen that youngsters following this program and bring it into practice, start believing what they are capable of and make improvements to their life and the life of others, very quickly.

for whom?

For safari companies and NGO’s who want to make a difference in the community they are active. This training focusses on youth.

practical information

Peter Henssen

This training can take place in the community your are active.

Our workshop takes place with a select group of people. The groups are preferably not bigger than 12 participants.

Dates in consultation with you. Please send us email to info@leadership2impact.com to schedule a (online) meeting to discuss your needs and wants so we can make a proposal for you

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