“Empowering women is key for building the future we want”

Amartya Sen

We empower women through capacity building on personal, financial, and entrepreneurial level so they can be self-sustaining and independent, whilst also promoting community spirit and inspiring members of their community to run successful businesses by using environmentally sustainable practices. We do this through a 15-week empowerment workshop program of two hours a week.

What will they Achieve?

The ladies will:

  • increase their self-confidence and self-esteem
  • gain insight into their own thinking, acting and doing
  • develop social skills that help to become engaged citizens
  • discover their talents and their own dream by thinking in terms of possibilities, opportunities and cooperation and making choices based on authentic values
  • be able to deal consciously and effectively with money and other scarce resources
  • become aware of their dream future and take the steps to realize it using their gained business skills

for whom?

For safari companies and NGO’s who want to make a difference in the community they are active. This training focusses on women.

practical information

Katja Visser

This training can take place in the community your are active.

Our workshop takes place with a select group of people. The groups are preferably not bigger than 12 participants.

Dates in consultation with you. Please send us email to info@leadership2impact.com to schedule a (online) meeting to discuss your needs and wants so we can make a proposal for you

More information?

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