“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”

Leadership is no longer only the responsibility of the leaders but of everyone in the organization. The organization should be structured in the way that everyone has the freedom to show leadership, of course within the frame of the company. Here everyone is familiar with its purpose and values and acts in accordance with them. 

Organizations no longer have a status quo. They have to be flexible to anticipate on the ongoing changes in the world that are unpredictable and often come by surprise. The ongoing transformation of an organization from one life stadium to the other will always come with ‘growth pain’. In some areas change will be easy, and in others it will go with a struggle. Transformation also means to say goodbye and to say hello. It is a matter of doing, learning and training. You cannot force it, you work with people and as it is with people, they are unpredictable. 

“As a management and organization consultant I focus on helping the management of organizations to improve their overall performance and operations. I do this by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. Leaders always come to me asking for help with solving their most critical challenges and making their most important decisions.

My specialty is creating organization structures which are simple and have as minimal hierarchic levels as possible. These are based on the principles of empowering people to their maximum performance and taking full responsibility. Having the best leadership and management qualities will achieve greatness in a human way and a high performing organization.” 

Peter Henssen

Is this your organization?

  • Is your organization struggling to meet their ambitions and goals?
  • Do you have a high turnover of employees and management?
  • Are you in need of a more agile organization structure?
  • Are your processes becoming complex and slowdown operations?
  • Is there an increase of employee dissatisfaction with a negative impact on operations?
  • Is you management structure is becoming complex and bureaucratic?

I am here to empower you!


First there is a non-binding interview between you and the consultant, Peter Henssen, to get to know each other and to understand the problem. It is also to see if the Peter can help and if you are willing to work with Peter.

We will write a contract with a description of the assignment, the preconditions, costs and how the assignment will be executed. After agreeing and signing the contract the first phase starts.

First Phase (analyzing)
In the analyzing phase Peter investigates what the real problem is the organization is facing. This phase ends with a report on the observed issues, problems, conclusions, and recommendations.

Next phases
The next phases are depending on the outcomes of the analysis and which problems must be addressed first and by whom. If Peter is the one solving the issues a roadmap will be created.

The roadmap is a description of the way to go to solve the problems. It contains actions to be taken, priorities, who will be involved etc. A new contract is part of this new phase.

practical information


Peter Henssen

I started my career in the army and learned about leadership and organizations which would become a common thread through my life. After the army I worked for several consultancy companies and finally I had my own consultancy.

My specialty is creating organization structures and processes which are simple and have as minimal hierarchic levels as possible. The organization will be based on the principles of empowering people to their maximum performance including the best leadership and management qualities to achieve greatness.

It is never an easy walk. There are decisions to be made for the better but still this will not always be easy. People will go, new people will come but I help you and everybody involved during successes and struggles.

My own journey, experience and continuous exploring and learning, and my success with many organizations that went before you, will benefit you.


Management and organization consulting is always custom made. The investment is depending on the complexity, duration, and risk of the assignment.

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