“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”

My approach as a management and organization consultant reflects a modern understanding of leadership and organizational dynamics. I emphasis on distributed leadership, where everyone within the organization is empowered to contribute and take responsibility.

My recognition that organizations must be flexible and adaptive in the face of constant change is crucial. In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, agility is often a key determinant of success. My acknowledgment of the challenges and “growth pains” associated with transformation demonstrates a realistic understanding of the complexities involved in organizational change.

I focus on simplicity and minimal hierarchies in organizational structures resonates with the trend towards flatter, more agile organizations. By empowering individuals and fostering a culture of accountability, I help create environments where people can thrive and contribute their best.

My commitment to helping leaders navigate their most critical challenges and make important decisions underscores my value as a consultant. By providing guidance and expertise, I enable organizations to adapt, innovate, and ultimately achieve greatness in a sustainable and human-centric manner.

Peter Henssen

Is this your organization?

  • Is your organization struggling to meet their ambitions and goals?
  • Do you have a high turnover of employees and management?
  • Are you in need of a more agile organization structure?
  • Are your processes becoming complex and slowdown operations?
  • Is there an increase of employee dissatisfaction with a negative impact on operations?
  • Is you management structure is becoming complex and bureaucratic?

I am here to empower you!


First there is a non-binding interview between you and the consultant, Peter Henssen, to get to know each other and to understand the problem. It is also to see if the Peter can help and if you are willing to work with Peter.

We will write a contract with a description of the assignment, the preconditions, costs and how the assignment will be executed. After agreeing and signing the contract the first phase starts.

First Phase (analyzing)
In the analyzing phase Peter investigates what the real problem is the organization is facing. This phase ends with a report on the observed issues, problems, conclusions, and recommendations.

Next phases
The next phases are depending on the outcomes of the analysis and which problems must be addressed first and by whom. If Peter is the one solving the issues a roadmap will be created.

The roadmap is a description of the way to go to solve the problems. It contains actions to be taken, priorities, who will be involved etc. A new contract is part of this new phase.

practical information

Peter Henssen

With over 35 years of diverse experience spanning managing, consulting, teaching, training, and coaching, I bring a unique blend of theory and practical knowledge to every endeavor. Beginning my career in the military, I cultivated invaluable leadership skills that have been honed through subsequent roles in various industries. Transitioning to independent work, I discovered the power of self-leadership and its profound impact on personal and professional growth.

My approach centers on creating an engaging learning environment where individuals can thrive and apply newfound knowledge immediately. With a commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement, I leverage my wealth of experience to inspire and uplift those I work with, fostering a culture of growth and achievement.

My own journey, experience and continuous exploring and learning, and my success with many organizations that went before you, will benefit you.

Management and organization consulting is always custom made. The investment is depending on the complexity, duration, and risk of the assignment.

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