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We believe in a world where all people live an autonomous life. Where they can use all their talents, are able to follow their own life path and are consciously connected to and take care of the environment.

This is the life we live and this is the adventure we chose for; an adventure with successful people from around the world inspiring us, learning from chiefs, wisdom keepers and nature, personal development trainings and quality education in the Netherlands and the UK and reading a lot of books. Beside that we have learned a lot from our own lives which weren’t always that easy. And yes, we made a lot of mistakes too. At the moment we dared to listen to our hearts, we chose for an autonomous life and we discovered the power of freedom, we found the path to what we want to do in life. This brought us to Botswana where we now live on one of the most beautiful places on the planet surrounded by pristine nature. We are not only in Botswana to empower the people around us; it is our mission to share our knowledge with you wherever you are in the world! So, you can start your adventure with us now.

How does your life look like at this moment? Are you doing what you are good at and love to do? Are you looking forward doing it again when you wake up in the morning? Is your life an adventure of meeting new people, new places and sharing ideas? Do you have the support and relationships that are giving you energy and helping you grow?

Most people live in a kind of routine. If you are happy with that, it is okay. But we know that a lot of people actually want to experience life (again) and are looking for a purpose in their life. Do you recognize that?

If you wish to (re)discover who you are and to create your personal freedom, we are here for you to inspire and to teach you how to do it. By using your talents and loving using them, it brings opportunities and also purpose to your life. You already have it all inside you and you can be yourself anytime and anywhere even as circumstances are not in your favor.
To achieve this you have to develop your personal leadership skills. To learn and develop these skills, we have set up the Leadership2impact Academy. All our programs we offer are based on teaching you the principles of Self Leadership. Because, people, organizations and things change, but good principles don’t. By using these timeless principles, you will become the master of your life and it will give advantage in your personal and professional life. 

Our definition for Self Leadership is: “Self leadership is your ability to listen to you heart and brain and create the exact direction for your own life, to commit yourself to moving in that direction, and then take action to acquire, accomplish, or become what you identify as your ultimate goal.”

Our personal development training courses and our coaching and retreat programs are all about you. But, when you improve your personal life you are going to inspire others and you will create a positive impact in their lives, in your company or the organization you work for too.

With management consultancy and business coaching we create organizations where the employees are free to perform at their best to achieve the organizations successes. Because we think that organizations are all about people. The goods or services are made for people and by people. Even in high technology and highly automated processes there are always people involved. If you look at what, or better at who are the most valuable to the organization, it is the employees. Your organization is as good as your employees are. From work floor to the top!

As part of our CSR program we build strong communities with our community development training programs.

Please read more about our programs and feel free to contact us for more information.

By whom?

You now have to choose courage over comfort
to be free to lead the life you want.

The time is now!


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