YOU must be willing to do the work

“Why is this coaching program taking so long?”, “Why don’t I experience change already?”, “I did the mother medicine journey and now I am back where I was before.” A few comments that are not made for the first time and probably not for the last when talking to people who want lasting change in their lives. I wrote a blog some time ago about ‘convenience’, or ‘ease’. It seems that nowadays that to achieve what you want shouldn’t take too long. Instant results and successes, preferably from the comfort of your armchair and at low-cost, are required.

Well, it doesn’t work that way if you want to create a long lasting change for yourself. There are a lot of people who actually want to do something else, be somewhere else or live a different life, but are not willing to put in the effort that is needed. By reading a book, watching some videos on YouTube, going a day or evening listening to a motivational speaker, will not bring you the change. It can inspire you and make you aware of what is possible, but YOU must be willing to do the work.

On a conscious level, you may understand what you have to do and how it works. You say to yourself that you are going to change and will do things different and yes, you probably really want to. However, what is holding you back is not what happens conscious but subconscious. It is there where your programs are running, as a way of speaking. You practiced these programs for a long time, so don’t expect that you can change that in a minute.

If you want change in your life or even a different life, you have work to do and that takes some time and it is not always fun. Let’s make no bones about it.

Change requires you to behave, think and feel differently, to be conscious and besides knowing how to do that, it is above all doing, doing and doing again. As Joe Dispenza says: “If you want a new personal reality, change your personality.”

Everything you have done in your life and all the choices you have made, have brought you where you are today. If you are not happy with that, you have to do things differently and you must make otherchoices. Your ‘old’ you has not brought you where you want to be, so it is time for a ‘new’ you, to put it that way. Let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong with you, you just want things to be different.

As said before the real work is not done in your conscious mind. You have to work on your subconscious mind. Your body is also involved in that process. Change happens in your whole body and that takes time. Your body has to get used to it. After all, it has been practising doing what is does and how to react, for a long time and now you want to change that.

It is about becoming aware of how you think, how you make choices, how your reactions are, how you behave and that takes time and effort. You are going to encounter things about yourself that you don’t like and that hurts, and you have to process that too. And you have to keep on going.

It is for a reason that the people, who are in the business of helping other people to create the life they want, are telling them that they have to go inside themselves, deep inside.

All more than worth it, after all it is about your life and you want to make something beautiful out of it. I know that, because I have been there, and I am still working on it.

And remember, you don’t have to do it by yourself, look for the support and start!

Working on your life is a life’s work.