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Who we are

Peter Henssen en Katja Visser

Here we are!

We are Peter Henssen and Katja Visser. In the context of “walk your talk”, we have applied the principles of personal leadership for our own goals. One mayor goal has been achieved and that is living and working on our own piece of land in Botswana, the Phazama Farm, on the edge of the Okavango Delta.

In this most beautiful nature reserve of Botswana, with pure nature, we find peace and inspiration. Our mission is to teach others the principles of personal leadership. We do this in the Netherlands and in Botswana on our own piece of land. Because, this is the place to let everything go, let yourself be inspired by nature, use all your senses again, find out more about yourself and above all enjoy life. Because that is what we experience, and it is quite an enrichment.

We also have self-catering guest houses where guests can stay to enjoy nature, wildlife and tranquility.

We invite everyone to come and visit us wherever we are, in the Netherlands or in Botswana.

Peter Henssen

Peter Henssen:

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Peter Henssen

Katja Visser

Katja Visser:

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Katja Visser

About Peter Henssen and Katja Visser

Peter Henssen has a backpack full of experiences and knowledge as a manager from over the past 35 years. He laid the foundation for this in the army and afterwards he experienced the do’s and don’ts of leadership in numerous management positions in various companies. He was a teacher at the Hogeschool in Rotterdam where he taught Organizational Science and Personal Leadership. He has also gained a lot of experience as a trainer. During his master’s study in England, he started to study leadership and was able to conclude that leadership is not just for managers but for everyone. Personal leadership is the key to be who you want to be. He has set himself the goal of teaching everyone who is open to what personal leadership is and how to apply it.

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

Katja Visser has been traveling all over the world from an early age and has worked in various commercial positions. But, after her voluntary work in Peru, her life changes. She decides that she is committed to better future opportunities for children and women around the world. In that capacity, she leads two foundations and gives personal leadership trainings to women and children around the world. Her dream is to give every individual the tools to create an independent future. She prefers to do this from her farm in Botswana, together with her husband Peter. She inspires others to think about their dreams, to make them come true and to share their passion to others.


We believe in a world where all people are free to live their life, are following their dreams and purpose and care for their environment, the society and the world.

Our values

Leadership for us is taking responsibility, having a vision and being an example for others.

Taking care for ourselves, others and nature

We are adding value which means that everything we do and give has a meaningful purpose and you can use it at once.

We create trust by doing what we say, saying what we do. You can depend on us.

Love for is us is equality and acting from our heart in everything we do.


We believe it is important to have a positive impact on our environment. By participating to our training in Botswana you directly support employment in our Tsutsubega community. Beside that you contribute to the personal leadership programs for vulnerable women and children in our region.