‘If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always got.’

Tony Robbins

Sometimes your life is not going as you had in mind. This can be in your personal life. Maybe you always attract the wrong relations, your energy is low, you don’t know what to do next, and all those people around you want something from you or want you to do what they want. It can also be in your professional life. You are doing a job that you are not happy with, your business is not going well and gives you stress, you feel that you can get so much more out of what you are doing but you don’t know how to change. These are reasons to seek help from a life coach.

The essence of life coaching is to (re)empower you. Empowerment is a collection of beliefs, actions and skills that are all working together to help you to live the life as you would like it to be. In this life you use your talents and gifts and you are doing what you love to do most and you express yourself without shame and fear.

Is this you?

Are you over thirty years old? Do you need a change in your life right now?
Are you willing to commit to make that change happen and to invest in it?


  • are you prepared to (re)discover and explore all your hidden potential?
  • do you want to have more freedom to be able to create your best life?
  • do you as an entrepreneur or professional want to work more effectively?
  • do you want to know how you make choices that guide you to the goals you want to achieve?
  • are you willing to take the responsibility of your own life?
  • do you speak and understand English or Dutch?

Then we would love to coach you!


Peter Henssen is professional and experienced life coach. You will start with a non-binding intake with Peter to get clear what you want to get out of your coaching program.

If Peter can help you and if you are comfortable to do the coaching process with him you will receive a contract with the details of the coaching process. After we both have signed, we start.

Peter will determine first what you want to achieve, so what the goal will be of the coaching. If there are more issues to handle or improvements you wish to make, we will choose the one that is the most important for you. During the process maybe the other ones will be addressed too, but we will focus on one specific goal. In Peter’s experience, by solving the most important issue, most other issues will often solve as well.

The coaching process provides a safe place to explore ideas and problems, to find solutions and to formulate realistic implementation strategies. Peter supports you to actually put what has been discussed into practice. Through the coaching sessions, you find out what is important to you, you will organize your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions so that you are heading in the direction you want. You will be confronted with your own behavior, stimulated, and challenged.

The coaching program has a duration of three to six months consisting of seven to ten sessions. Each session is between one and an hour and a half.


  • You have a changed mindset, with a focus on what you want
  • You have clarity of the direction in which you want to go
  • You have (re) discovered and are using your potential
  • Patterns are broken and fears are overcome
  • You know how to set goals out of your personal freedom
  • You make the right decisions at any time in your life
  • You are in charge of your life
  • You get a new perspective on leading yourself
  • You take actions and decisions more effectively

practical information

Peter Henssen is a coach who uses multiple techniques and methodologies. He is broadly trained, experienced, and not tied to one way of coaching. He combines his intuition and own experiences with existing tools and methodologies.

He listens with attention and without judgments and gives back what he perceives by using his knowledge, heart, and intuition.  He is your partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

He is trained and certified by the Extra Mile Academy (EMA) for training and coaching and accredited by the European Coaching Association (ECA).

Next to this he is trained in the transformative science of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at the Academy of modern applied psychology.

Read more about Peter.

The coaching will take place online. You can do it from any place you prefer, in your privacy and in your own comfort. There is no travel time.

If you are living in the Maun area in Botswana live coaching is possible. The coaching can take place at our Phazama Farm or at a location that suits you better.

After committing and signing the contract, we decide together what the best day and time is. In the beginning the coaching will be on a weekly basis and later on once in two or three weeks.

The standard rate for the whole coaching program is € 1.650 (0% VAT)
50% of the investment is paid before the start of the coaching sessions and 50% after we have finished. If your employer pays, the investment may differ from the amount listed.

If you are a Motswana please contact me through email peter@leadership2impact.com or give me a call 7790380 (WhatsApp only) for more information and local rates.

More information?

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