‘Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but for greatness, because greatness is determined by service.’

Martin Luther King

The core of leadership lies within yourself. You develop your natural leadership by growing as a person. When you strengthen your personal leadership, you become a powerful leader and you will excel in your profession. Athletes, musicians, etc., already know the importance of a coach to help them to become mentally strong. More and more professionals and leaders in the business world experience the advantage of having a coach to empower them to maximize their potential.

It is a challenge to find strength and peace in our complex, turbulent and rapidly changing professional life. The increase of pressure to perform better and uncertain and complex relationships ensure constant tension. There are more and more expectations of managers not only from the top but also from your team.

A management coach makes you aware of your routines and helps you to break through them, so that the desired change can take place. Making choices becomes easier if you find out what is really important for you. A coach also makes you aware of your core values ​​and shows you how to use them to make decisions and to manage easier and more effective. 

Is this you?

Our management coaching is for starting up to senior managers who wish to develop their leadership skills.

Do you want to explore and discover your leading potential to overcome the challenges and frustrations and to enhance your performance?

Are you prepared to (re)discover and explore your hidden potential?

Do you want more freedom to be able to lead yourself and others?

Do you want to work and lead more effectively?

Do you want to know how you make choices that guide you and your team in achieving the wanted goals?

Are you willing to take the responsibility of being a leader?

Do you want better results for you and your team?

And do you speak and understand English or Dutch?

Then our business coaching is something for you!


I, Peter Henssen, will start with a non-binding intake to get clear what you want to get out of the coaching program, if I can help you and if you are comfortable to do the coaching process with me. If your manager or your HR department is the one who wants you to be coached, they also will be involved to establish what the expected outcomes must be.

If we both decide to go on, you will receive a contract with the details of the coaching process. After we both have signed, we will start. If your management is involved, they also need to sign the contract.

Peter will determine first what you want to achieve, so what the goal will be of the coaching. If there are more issues to handle or improvements you wish to make, we will choose the one that is the most important for you. During the process maybe the other ones will be addressed too, but we will focus on one specific goal. In Peter’s experience, by solving the most important issue, most other issues will often solve as well.

The coaching process provides a safe place to explore ideas and problems, to find solutions and to formulate realistic implementation strategies. I support you to actually put what has been discussed into practice. Through the coaching sessions, you find out what is important to you, you organize your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions so that you are heading in the direction you want. You will be confronted with your own behavior, stimulated, and challenged.

Even if your management is involved, they will not be informed without your consent on the content of your coaching program. They will be only informed about the process.

This coaching program has a duration of six months consisting of seven to ten sessions. One session is between one and an hour and a half.


You will:

  • ​enhance your results at work to achieve higher performance
  • gain back control of your time and priorities
  • increase your capacity to absorb and handle problems
  • overcome challenges quickly and with more ease
  • develop confidence in your decisions and your ability to execute those decisions
  • leverage your existing strengths
  • build more productive relationships
  • gain a new perspective on leadership

practical information

Peter Henssen is a coach who uses multiple techniques and methodologies. He is broadly trained, experienced, and not tied to one way of coaching. He combines his intuition and own experiences with existing tools and methodologies.

He listens with attention and without judgments and gives back what he perceives by using his knowledge, heart, and intuition.  He is your partner in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

He is trained and certified by the Extra Mile Academy (EMA) for training and coaching and accredited by the European Coaching Association (ECA).

Next to this he is trained in the transformative science of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy at the Academy of modern applied psychology.

He has many years of experience in managing and leading of several levels within a lot of smaller and bigger organizations.

The coaching will take place online. You can do it from any place you prefer, in your privacy and in your own comfort. There is no travel time.

If you are living in the Maun area in Botswana live coaching is possible. The coaching can take place at our Phazama Farm or at a location that suits you better.

After committing to the coaching program, we will decide together what the best day and time is. In the beginning the coaching will be on a weekly basis and later on once in two or three weeks.

Standard price for the coaching program is € 1.850 (0% VAT)
50% of the investment is paid before the start of the coaching sessions and 50% after we have finished. If your employer pays, the investment may differ from the amount listed.

If you are a Motswana please contact me through email peter@leadership2impact.com or give me a call 7790380 (WhatsApp only).

More information?

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