Life happens IN your comfort zone!

Life is happening IN the comfort zone!

Did someone tell you ever that if you want to change something you have to get out of your comfort zone? That life is happening outside of the comfort zone? It has been said a couple of times to me as well and as a coach and trainer I told it my clients several times too.

However, getting more experienced, learning things, watching what is going on in society, I got more and more convinced that there are more people living outside the comfort zone than in. In most definitions a comfort zone is referred to as a place where things are not going as you want, and that you have to go into action for change. A place where you want to stay because you are afraid of what could go wrong. It is also a place where you can behave as a victim.

Believe me, if you are in a place where things are not going as you want, that isn’t comfort. Let me explain my thoughts. For me the definition of a comfort zone is a happy place, where you do what you love to do, use your talents and gifts, and where you can express yourself without fear or shame. Where you are you!

From that perspective now a days more and more people are living outside that zone. They are doing what they think society expects them to do, living the social media life, are in jobs they don’t want to be in, are in relations that are not working, etc. This is not something I make up, look at the numbers of depression, burn outs, divorces, employee turn overs, health problems, etc. Next to this more and more people realize that they want a different life, and are looking for support through coaching, retreats, training etc.

As I said, if there is continuous stress and when you are playing a role that is not comfortable at all, you are already out of the comfort zone and that life is not the life most people want, isn’t it?

When things are not going as you would like them to be, when you are not happy most of time, you should do something. Something you did not do before. Because if you keep on doing the same things over and over and expecting something else to happen, it is called insanity. And that is also not a comfortable place.

So, my advice would be, do something to get into your comfort zone. What you have to do is maybe scary or you don’t know how to do it yet, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. It just could be something you did not do before, but it is something you are actually good at. And if you do it, you really like it. Doing something else and something new, does not mean that it is automatically fearful, it just could be instant fun and success.

Comfort zones are hard to leave, and for a good reason. They are often places where we feel most secure and natural, and they are where we can do our best and most fulfilling work. Stretching your comfort zone when you are not ready — or don’t need to — can add more stress than skill. Comfort zones aren’t just about settling or mediocrity; they are just where you need to be right now.

By the way, if you want to stay out of your comfort zone, not getting into action, stop complaining and stop whining.

The comfort zone is a great place to be successful. Go for it.