Self-awareness is the key to change. Positive thinking is not the solution.

How many times has somebody said to you to think positive and everything will be alright? And did it work? Probably not. If you want changes to happen in your life you must change yourself.

A quote of Dr. Joe Dispanzo says: “If you want another personal reality you need to change your personality.” Which makes sense because if you stay the same, how do you expect that something changes?

So, to become a ‘new’ you, you first must understand the ‘old’ you and you have to become aware of what is working for you and what is stopping or limiting you in whatever you want to achieve. And there it is, self-awareness. You will be surprised what you will learn about yourself when you pay attention to yourself. Well, I did.

I could say, that if something works for me it will work for you, but that’s nonsense. You are not me and vice versa. It is the same when people tell you that you can become whatever you want, no you can’t, there are limitations. We all have our own talents, needs, etc. and you have to figure out who you are by becoming self-aware.

In her book and her videos on YouTube, Margaret Wheatley talks about: “Who Do you Choose To Be?”. She talks about your values as an important guide for your choices but also to become aware of yourself, so you can make that decision of who you want to be.

It takes some discipline and that is worth it. Start with becoming aware of that little voice in your head, talking to you all the time. What is it telling you? Is it keeping you from the things you actually would like to do? Is it encouraging you or limiting you? And most important, is it true what it is saying?

Check what is going on in your mind when you have to make an important decision. What is the little voice saying then? Is it saying: “You cannot do that? You are not good enough? This is not for you?” Take your time to listen and ask yourself if that little voice is right. 80% of the time it is negative and wrong.

That voice in your head is telling you only things from the past. From a period where you were a different person and in a different situation. Even if situations seem the same, they are often not because you are not the same person. You have been evolving, learning, getting more experienced, etc.

So become self-aware, learn to know yourself. It will be an exciting journey and surprise yourself and discover what you can achieve if you really know you.