“Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself”

Hermann Hesse

Treat yourself and reveal your eternal fire!

Go back to the place where your ancestors were born and celebrate the reveal of your eternal fire in the pristine nature of Botswana

This is a very special invitation for you to join us on a three-day intensive spiritual retreat working with daily practices, ceremony, yoga, meditation, (art) healing, lecture and individualized time each day to reconnect with yourself and to reveal your eternal fire.

Join us at Phazama Farm, situated in the Okavango Delta nestled within a tranquil and ancient forest surrounded by flood plains. Each day at dusk you will be able to enjoy the movement of energy from day to evening as you experience breath taking views of the Delta and majestic sunsets as you begin to reset and reflect upon your process of transforming.

This is your opportunity to be transported from the everyday distractions so you can get focused on your journey to the life you really want and reveal your eternal fire.

is this you?

Are you a woman that is open to a spiritual adventure? Then please feel welcome to join this special retreat.


Day 1: BURN (confrontation and let go)
Day 2: RISE (restructuring)
Day 3: FLY (commitments and personal contract)


  • Yoga sessions
  • Chakra meditations
  • A daily ancient healing ritual
  • Connection with nature
  • Soul painting
  • Music and dance
  • Camp fire sessions
  • Nutritious vegetarian meals (2x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x dinner), tea, water and afternoon snacks all prepared by our professional chef (please note that it is a meat- and alcohol-free weekend)
  • Shuttle to and from Maun
  • Shared bush chalets with shared double and twin beds. If you prefer you can bring a tent.
  • Coverage with Okavango Air Rescue. Please note that this is for emergencies only and that it is no travel insurance.
  • Materials
  • Personal transformation and evolution to a new level
  • Countless memories

What to bring yourself:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Yoga mat
  • Extra towel for yoga moves and meditation sessions
  • Sarong, kikoi or wrap cloth for meditation sessions

practical information


Sandi Albertson is a free-spirited, nature-loving person. She studied massage therapy and nutrition at the Institute of Natural Health in South Africa in 2001. After running a mobile therapy practice in Johannesburg, she met her husband and moved to Maun, Botswana in 2012. In addition to her conservation and livelihood support work under Kalahari Wildlands Trust (which Sandi co-founded), the creation of spiritual retreats and continued healing work are amongst her main passions and life purposes on this Earth. Exploring healing art and creative expression is a major aspect to her life’s purpose. Sandi’s aim is to share collective experiences and insights, using nature as a medium, and to bring people together for deeper learning, understanding and discussion about our common spirituality.
In line with these aims, Sandi has also furthered her studies on Chakra Therapy, Breathwork and Art/Soul painting.  Her close work with San (Bushman) communities related to their ancient traditional knowledge systems, including their healing skills, also add an important dimension to her abilities.
As an artist herself, Sandi has encouraged many community craft producers around Botswana to be creative and recognize their own potential.  Her sensitivity and ability to connect with people across cultural and literacy divides is central to her talent at unlocking human potential.
She believes in making the world a better place and assisting as many people as possible to be the best version of themselves. Share the journey!

Katja Visser is a child from nature and has been traveling all over the world from an early age. She has worked in various commercial positions but after her voluntary work in Peru in 2006, her life changes. She decides that she is committed to better future opportunities for children and women around the world. In that capacity, she leads StartUp4Kids foundation and together with her husband Leadership2Impact Academy and gives personal leadership training courses around the world.
During her travels she learned a lot about other cultures and is highly interested in wisdom keepers and their beliefs. She has been learning from the Incas and wishes to spread their knowledge. Her dream is to give every individual the tools to create an independent and happy future. She prefers to do this from her farm in the middle of pristine nature in Botswana. She inspires others to reconnect with nature, to think about their dreams, to make them come true and to share their passion to others.

This retreat takes place at our Phazama Farm on a 35 minutes drive (4×4) from Maun on the edge of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Because nature is an important teacher in our training courses, they take place in an open area (if weather conditions allow). We have a beautiful training space overlooking the floodplain.

The pick-up will leave in Maun on the first day at 9am and you will be back the third day at 5pm.

Our workshop takes place with a select group of people. The groups are not bigger than 8 participants.

To be confirmed.

– If canceled up to one week before the start of the retreat, 50% of the total amount will be charged.
-In case of cancellation within a week and on the day that the retreat takes place, the total amount will be charged.

More information?

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    This Spiritual Retreat can also be given at your location in nature
    or can be organized as an add-on to your group safari!