‘A child’s bucket of self-esteem must be filled so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.’

Alvin Price

In this training your daughter or son will get a boost in her/his self-confidence in an original and very effective way. Your child learns and experiences the importance to take care for her/himself and others. It is a training that, through the positive growth in (self)confidence, will support your child in her/his further development in this rapidly changing world.

Children grow up in a culture of perfectionism. For example, from a very young age, they are made aware of dangers and possible mistakes: “Watch out, be careful, that’s not good, this is dangerous, that’s weird….”. Children become afraid to make mistakes. Because of this the child’s spontaneity and self-confidence are diminished and creativity is inhibited. From a young age, the child starts to adapt and focus on what she/he thinks is expected of her/him instead of what she/he can or wishes to do.

This training allows your child to gain certain experiences through experiential learning, which increases the child’s self-confidence. This is done through a combination of play, movement, healthy nutrition, creativity, group activities and explanation. Part of the training is that the children learn to look at their successes, recognise verbal and non-verbal signals and how to deal with these.

Is this your child?

This training is for all children between 8 and 14 years old who speak and understand English. Give them this beautiful present. They will benefit from it the rest of their lives.


This training takes two days and takes place during a weekend.

Topics that are covered are:

  • creating trust
  • qualities and successes
  • communication styles
  • you are not alone
  • working together
  • how to handle negative thoughts
  • giving and receiving compliments
  • sharing and story telling
  • a personal contract


These are the results former participants got out of the training:

  • I trust others

  • I know now that I like drawing very much and that I am good at it too

  • My self-confidence has grown

  • I have written down and shared my successes

  • I do physical exercises regularly now

  • I ask questions when I do not understand something

  • I listen to the positive voice in my mind

  • I dare to sing now

  • I am kind

  • I feel happy now

  • I am respectful to others

practical information

Katja Visser: I myself followed similar training courses when I was 39 and have always asked myself why only then? What if you can experience this at a young age? For this reason I approached Francisca Borsboom of Iworkkids.nl because I knew she gives this kind of training to children in the Netherlands. Francisca was immediately enthusiastic and made her materials available to me. I adapted the material to the context and because we live in the middle of nature, we also used what mother nature teaches us.

The location for the training is our Phazama Farm in Tsutsubega in the middle of beautiful nature. We will set up a tented camp.

Minimum of eight and a maximum of twelve.

We expect that you bring your child to our farm on Saturday morning and pick her/him up Sunday in the afternoon.

Before the training, an intake will take place with you and your child (in Maun or online).

Investment and dates to be confirmed.

The investment includes the intake, materials healthy food and beverages (1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x diner), stay in a shared tent.

More information?

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