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Community Development Programs

Everyone has a unique set of talents, skills and dreams. This is inherent power and what is needed to design the life you love to live. We have developed our own personalised skillsets to assist underprivileged youth and women in finding and using their power towards a bright future. 

We have set up educational empowerment programs to decrease poverty for the local disadvantaged Ngamiland rural communities. Our program can run independently or as a module of other developmental programs of NGO’s, safari companies, travel agents, etc

Challenges in Ngamiland

Ironically Ngamiland East and Ngamiland West have an unemployment rate of 29.5 and 29.1 respectively before COVID-19 making it one of the poorest regions in Botswana despite the riches provided by the breathtaking environment and tourism opportunities. It is important to note that that about 40% of the economically active young population (15-24 years) are unemployed with women being more likely to be unemployed.

According to UNICEF (2011), poverty and economic marginalization is felt more acutely by women and is more prevalent in female-headed households. Women typically earn a significantly lower income when compared to their male counterparts, but this income is used directly for household benefit e.g. food, education and clothing. Women also have trouble entering the labour force because of social standards and barriers. Because of these barriers, women make up a mere 36 percent of formal sector employees but make up 75 percent of informal sector employees.

Goals and development objectives of our programs

To build strong and sustainable communities we offer empowerment programs for the enhancement of all community members’ skills focussing on youth development, women empowerment and life skills.

Standard Programs

5-Day Youth Life Skills Training:

Though the Batswana culture doesn’t overtly support independence, we believe strongly that you need to be able to take care of yourself before taking care of others. Therefore we provide youth with the necessary skills to improve income-generation abilities and we give them tools to also grow personally. This relates to the concept of Botho. Beside the development of personal skills and finding their purpose, participants will develop financial skills.

After developing personal and financial skills, participants get to choose a follow-up program to achieve their individual goals:

-Employability skills to provide the participants seeking employment to gain critical skills, preparing them to find a decent job.

-Business skills to provide the participants with all tools to set up a successful enterprise.

-Agribusiness skills to provide the participants in rural or peri-urban settings with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in agribusiness. It provides a solid foundational knowledge of financial management techniques, local farming systems, and methods to increase productivity, innovate and add value.

-Inspired participants wishing to start a business will be supported by us to the Youth Development Fund or one of the other applicable funds for youth in Botswana.

15-week Women Empowerment workshop program

We empower women through capacity building on personal, financial and entrepreneurial level so they can be self-sustaining and independent, whilst also promoting community spirit and inspiring members of their community to run successful businesses by using environmentally sustainable practices. We do this through a 15-week empowerment workshop program of two hours a week.

During this program the women will:

-increase their self-confidence and self-esteem

-gain insight into their own thinking, acting and doing

-develop social skills that help to become engaged citizens

-discover their talents and their own dream by thinking in terms of possibilities, opportunities and cooperation and making choices based on authentic values

-be able to deal consciously and effectively with money and other scarce resources

-become aware of their dream future and take the steps to realize it using their gained business skills

More information

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